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This section is dedicated to all our friends and loyal supporters.
We want to thank everyone who has helped us on this amazing journey.

John von Ahlen John Production, Direction, Songwriting Created Parralox in 2008
Marcella Detroit Marcella Detroit Vocals Vocals on Subculture. I first met you in 2015 when I interviewed you on my radio show Neon Nights and I was nervous enough interviewing such an icon. Time has passed and we've become friends. Now I'm more than honored that you're part of the Parralox family. xxx
Roxy Roxy Vocals Vocals on Electricity. What can I say Roxy? If it wasn't for you, I wouldn't be here typing these words. We worked together for many years before Parralox, who would have guessed how amazing it all turned out?
BJ Caruana BJ Caruana Backing Vocals Backing Vocals on Miss You
Vocals Amii Vocals Vocals on State Of Decay, Metropolis and Recovery. Who would have thought lighting could strike twice? You have without a doubt one of the most amazing voices in modern pop music. Love you!
Marcus Mattson Marcus Mattson Vocals Vocals on Ancient Times (on Limited Edition of Metropolis)
Ryan Adames Ryan Adamés Vocals Vocals on Silent Morning
Francine Francine Vocals Vocals on Crying On The Dancefloor
Johanna Gervin Johanna Gervin Vocals Backing vocals on Crying On The Dancefloor, Aeronaut, and Electric Nights. You really are an amazing person Johanna and I'm so glad you joined us on this journey!
Lillia Lillia Mendoza
(nee Auzou)
Vocals Guest vocals featuring on Dry 2 The Bone and Subculture.
It all started with you Lillia! Nova was my first ever proper band back in the 90s when we were signed to Sony.
And look at us all these years later - still each making music. May it never end xxx
Update 2019 - Lillia sadly passed away. May you rest in peace Lillia.
Louise Louise Love Vocals Vocals on Holiday '15, Holiday '16 and Subculture. For all your assistance in our live shows. Your vocals are amazing. Spaghett!
Anouska Anouska / A7-H Vocals + Drums Vocals on Subculture, and live performer on stage with us in England.
You're a totally awesome Showroom Dummy Casio Beatbox live drummer!! We need you at every show!
Ian Burden Ian Burden Bass Guitar - Studio
The Human League
For being a friend, as well as contributing bass guitar playing to Parralox and my other projects The Sound Of The Crowd and The Tenth Stage.
Rob Windle Rob Windle Electronically Yours For being the first blog to support us in UK
Electricity Club Paul Browne The Electricity Club An amazing electro and synthpop blog based in UK, dedicated to the finest music across the planet. Thanks for your ongoing support!
Check out the Official Electricity Club on Facebook, Twitter and their Website
Ingo Moller Ingo Moller conzoom records For your initial support at and then for being the first label to sign us. And 9 years later we are still together!
Jaime Jimenez Jaime Jimenez Little Tribe Jaime, you've been a manager and friend for over 20 years. Thanks for your continuing help..
Elena Moscatt Elena Moscatt Life After Lisa /
Click on This
For being the first TV production to use our music (Life After Lisa) and your continued support at Click On This.
Jeffrey Whitten Jeffrey Whitten No Control Over Me
Treadmark Studios
For being the first Film production to use our music (No Control Over Me). Over 300,000 views on YouTube so far!!!
Peter Tacina Petr Tacina   For your amazing work on website, and then migrating it to
Fritz Niko Fritz Niko Centre Of Attention Records For being our first A&R, and bringing us our first UK and US chart positions. Thank you so much!
Peter Rainman Peter Rainman People Theatre For your amazing remixes. You've been with Parralox since the beginning
Talion Law Talion Law Talion Law Another amazing French remixer. Thanks Jean, you're part of the Parralox remix family
John Collins John Collins Johnny X For being a friend of over 3 decades. And an amazing songwriter and performer - love you forever XXX
Jason Brady Jason Brady Blog - Olga Loves Yuri
Twitter - Olga Loves Yuri
Another blogger who supported us at the very beginning.
Gary Hunter Gary Hunter White Lion Radio For your support in the Gary Hunter Myspace Radio show, and now in White Lion Radio.
Blank Marcus Olbermann   For being a supporter of Parralox, and sender of the most lovely Christmas Cards!
Jer white Jer White The Pansentient League For your support and belief in the band
Blank Ed & An  You guys were there at the beginning, we haven't forgotten.
Phil Robinson Phil Robinson Worrapolava For your support when we starting out. Thanks :)
Perez Hilton Perez Hilton Perez Hilton loves Parralox For your continuing support of Parralox. Bless!
Danijel Levatic Danijel Levatic ELEKTRONSKI ZVUK - radio show & webzine
Ken Evans Ken Evans Tycho Brahe For your amazing remixes, and help over the years with all things analog and electronic.
And for being one of the main reasons I created Parralox!
Raj Rudolph Raj Rudolph EQ Music Organised our second show in London. And also thanks for your ongoing support at your fabulous blog, EQ Music!
And for being a great Manager! ♥
Phil Marriott Phil Marriott Rich B & Phil Marriott
For your support at Gaydar Radio, Jemmone and now Gaydio. And for your superior DJ/Remix skills!
Mandy Rogers Mandy Rogers EQ Music For all your kind reviews and support at EQ Music
Joe Ross Joe Ross New York Promotions For sending our stuff to Perez Hilton, and for being a super nice guy as well. Glad we are friends xxx
 Mark Guy Mark Guy Infest For booking us to play at Infest, our first UK Festival. We had such an amazing time. So many awesome bands and so many wonderful fans!
Nic Toupee Nic Toupee Your Silent Face For being there from the very start. For your journalistic advice, as well as your production assistance on nearly all our videoclips. For vocals on Conclusion. I'm proud to call you a friend - John ♥
Mike Cooper Mike Cooper Your Silent Face For your wonderful photographs, your assistance with our videoclips, your amazing remixes and for being a friend. I wish I lived in UK!
Rodney Dekker Rodney Dekker Rodney Dekker For your invaluable assistant as AD on our videoclips. As well as your vast photographic knowledge
Niels + Anke Piesker
Niels + Anke Piesker   For putting us on the bill for Electro City Moods, our first German Festival. And your awesome band Pleasant Fiction.
Will Alonso Will Alonso HOS Music My favourite New York brother! Your House / Dub remixes are amazing. Thanks for being part of the Parralox family
Bill Barsby Bill Barsby Damage Control

For your invaluable technical assistance. I still love Cubase VST 5.1.
Maybe one day I will actually master the new Cubase!
Update - I'm using Cubase 9 now!
Matt Culpin Matt Culpin Northern Kind
Dancing With Ruby
For your help in UK at our very first gig, and ongoing support since then.
A kindred electronic spirit.
Robert Rumbell Robert Rumbell Robspace For being a nice guy and supporter of Parralox and electronic Music.
And being kick ass at WWF too ;)
Marsheaux Sophie /
Marianthi /
Marsheaux / Fotonovela For remixing Parralox and being an awesome electronic band.
We love your work!
Sebastian Hess Sebastian Hess Wonderland Records For organising our first ever gig in Gothenburg, Sweden, and accomodating us in your amazing flat. A lovely guy and gracious host.
And impecabble taste in music. Oh L'amour!
Update - and for booking us for Electronic Summer and Electronic Winter in Gothenberg. Amazing concerts!
Dave Foreman Dave Foreman Tankt
Suburban Pervert
For your wonderful remixes, and being a lovely guy too.
Roberto Massaglia Roberto Massaglia The Tenth Stage
The Victim's Ball
For our wonderful adventures in The Tenth Stage, and all the boxing adventures ever since!
Stig Olsen Stig Olsen   For your support over the years, and love of The Mighty League
Niels Kolling Niels Kolling The Black Hit Of Space For using my remixes on your amazing Human League website.
Charles Fenech Charles Fenech Angeltheory You are an all-round lovely guy and amazing musician. And your remixes kick ass!
Scott Lawrence Scott Lawrence   For hosting a lot of the original Parralox downloads on his server. Bless you!
Billy Ray Martin Billy Ray Martin Billy Ray Martin Official For your friendship and support. And those amazing gift baskets you send me. Glad we are friends, my ZK.
Caesar Gergess Casear Gergess Caesar Gergess Official For your amazing remixes and friendship. So glad I got to meet you in this musical journey.
Tom J Carpenter Tom J Carpenter Analogue Solutions For your invaluable synth knowledge and... loving Parralox so much that you etched our name on the PCB of the Polygene Medic Module! Also for allowing me to contribute vocals to your project "Sound of Science - Hydrodome". Take time to see the wonders of the world!
Joy 94.9 David Hunt JOY 94.9 FM Thanks for being a supporter, as well as a fantastic guy. On top of that you are also an inspiration. There, I said it! x John.
Joy 94.9 Leo Stubbing JOY 94.9 FM For your awesome support of Parralox
Joy 94.9 Chris Jameson & Cam JOY 94.9 FM Australias finest LGBT Radio station, you've supported us right from the very beginning. You guys totally rock! Chris & Cam, you're all passionate about music and have also been great champions for Parralox. Xxx
Ben Rolevink Ben Rolevink Cubik Cloth For your awesome clothes, and sponsoring our "Silent Morning" videoclip.
Gina Achord Gina Achord Notorious New Wave Show For your support of Parralox, The Sound Of The Crowd and all things elelctronic, electropop and 80's!
Simon Helm Simon Helm Cold War Night Life For being a fellow synth lover, awesome interviewer and supporter of Parralox Thumbs Up
Stefan Last Stefan Last Parralox on For updating, as well as being a great guy in general. Your support is very much appreciated :)
Oren Amram Oren Amram Synthesize Me For your fantastic support of Parralox on your radio shows. Shalom!
Ronald van Veen Ronald van Veen P Machinery For years and years of support at P Machinery (and yes I LOVE Propaganda too Smiley Icon)
Brian Peel Brian Peel JOY 94.9 FM
The Aussie Word BLOG
For your awesome support of Parralox, and being a super DJ / Presenter and letting me join your show on JOY94.0
John P Wintle John P Wintle JOY 94.9 FM
Right Here, Right Now
For your awesome support of Parralox, and being a super DJ / Presenter, and letting me join as panelist on your (our!) amazing radio show, Right Here, Right Now!
Ian Ford Ian Ford   For your help in New York at Parralox's debut gig, for driving me around Brookln and introducing me to Vulcan Mind Blend and Yerba Mate. You are a true gentleman!
Stephen Daniello Stephen Daniello   For your awesome organisational skills and help in general with Parralox's debut gig in New York City. And your food is SUPER awesome!!
San Remo San Remo   For your super support of Parralox and being and awesome person! See you again in NYC Bello xxx
Vinny Vero Vinny Vero So Hip It Hurts For your amazing remixes, plus commissioning me to work on the promo videos for Julia Fordham and Basia. And more to come!
Adam Reinhart Adam Reinhart CAMP Entertainment First off, you manage Paul Lekakis - so wow!! I've idolised him since the 80s.
And now you manage Parralox!
Thanks for your support of Parralox and organising for me to remix Paul. Here's to many more xxx
Andrew Skerat Kennedy Andrew Skerat Kennedy Synthopia For your support of Parralox and Electronic / Synthpop Music. We need more like you in Australia! I love listening to your show each fortnight. Keep up the good work!
Pete Hammond Pete Hammond Mixmaster Pete Hammond For being an amazing remixer who delivers above and beyond what is expected. And for being a totally wonderful guy. It's a pleasure to know you Pete.
Electrozombies Tom & Vera Electrozombies Thanks to Tom and Vera at Electrozombies, for your love of synthpop and massive support of Parralox. And the awesome compilations you produce. Live Long and Prosper!
Ross Healy Ross Healy MESS LTD Special thanks to Ross Healy from MESS for your invaluable assistance with the many modular synths at MESS.
What is MESS I hear you ask? It's Melbourne Electronic Sound Studio, a rare jewel in the heart of Melbourne.
It's a massive collection of Modular and Vintage synths, that make your jaw drop. And the best thing is that ANYONE can use them, once you sign up as a member.
I encourage anyone who is interested in Synthesizers to become a member. It doesn't matter if you're a seasoned professional or a brand new beginner - there is always someone there to help you get the best out of these amazing synths.

Put it this way...where else can you jam on a Fairlight CMI, Roland System 700 + 100, Moog Modular System 55, TR808, TR909, TB303 and Jupiter 8 in one roof and at your leisure? At MESS!

Become a member and get access to the collection for $11 an hour.
above offer no longer valid since new management took over 😭

Click here for info on MESS -
Melbourne Electronic Sound Studio Limited

15 Dowling Place
North Melbourne, VIC 3051
+61 3 9329 7177
Simon Hewitt Simon Hewitt Silicon Dreams UK For organising a simply amazing music fesitval "Silicon Dreams" in Liverpool, 2017. Parralox was the headline act performing with Avec Sans, Future Perfect, Berlyn Trilogy, Caroline McLavy and Voi Vang.
You're a passionate music promoter, and it really shows. The whole event was so easy going, and every one involved (the crew, bands and support staff) were professional and so much fun to work with.
You rock!
Kurt Sinclair-Hall Kurt Sinclair-Hall Synthetic City UK For getting us the headline bill at Synthetic City London 2017. What a great line up of artists. A fun night, with friendly, likeminded bands and fans.
Here's to many more!!
Stefan Pellett Stefan Pellett SP Music Management For being an amazing publicist! Your work with Parralox has been amazing. We've hit the Top 10 iTune charts around the world and Number One on the LGBTQ Charts UK thanks to your efforts.
You rock!!
 Stefan Pellett Koen Kroeze conzoomrecords For your encyclopedic knowledge of Parralox. You know more about Parralox than anyone else. Thanks for your assistance on archiving our material and compiling our CDs and Digital releases. You come up with the most amazing ideas, and the fans and I thank you.Your insight and input are very much appreciated.


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