> http://www.poponaut.de/top50.php?osCsid=75ac4ae9a35daf26f7e2dcb2c99bd880" />
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Wildlife is Product Of The Week + #24 Best Seller at Poponaut (Germany)

Wildlife, the new EP + Remix package by Parralox is Product of the Week at online store Poponaut!

AND.....Wildlife is also #24 best selling CD!

Thanks so much to our amazing fans and the staff at poponaut, Stolle Schröder and conzoomrecords.

Click here to visit popOnaut >> http://www.poponaut.de/top50.php?osCsid=75ac4ae9a35daf26f7e2dcb2c99bd880

2 Parralox songs in the Top 40 Official USA Dance ...
Altvenger article on Wildlife by Parralox (UK)

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Thursday, 23 January 2020

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