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Travelogue - Limited Edition 4 CD "Super Deluxe Fan Bundle"

Parralox - Travelogue (Super Deluxe Fan Bundle) Limited Edition CD

I thought I'd put a record on...

Conzoom Records have commenced pre-orders for Travelogue "Super Deluxe Fan Bundle" Limited Edition 4 CD set πŸ˜

Imagine it's 1981 and Martin Rushent produced Travelogue. What could that sound like?
With loving dedication, Parralox have recreated all 10 tracks from the original Human League album, as well as the 7 bonus tracks released on CD in 2003.
All the tracks have been reworked and programmed using a combination of synths from the time, including Fairlight CMI, Linn Drum, Jupiter 4, Roland System 100, as well as a bunch of modern VSTis.

The "Super Deluxe Fan Bundle" includes the Travelogue CD, as well as 3 Limited Edition CDs: Hotter (Luminiferous Remixes), Remix Series - DMT Berzerk 2 and Megamix 2017, due for release on October 29.
Everyone who preorders the CD bundle will have their name included in the CD booklet.

Travelogue will also be released digitally, with a new track + music video being released each Friday.
So yes, that's 17 weeks of Travelogue tracks!
At the end of the 17 week campaign, Travelogue will be available as a complete album on all digital music stores.

Thanks to everyone who has already pre-ordered.
Hope you all have a great weekend!

Parralox - Travelogue (Super Deluxe Fan Bundle)

Parralox - Travelogue (Super Deluxe Fan Bundle) tracklist:

Parralox - Travelogue:

01 The Black Hit of Space
02 Only After Dark
03 Life Kills
04 Dreams of Leaving
05 Toyota City
06 Crow and a Baby
07 The Touchables
08 Gordon's Gin
09 Being Boiled
10 WXJL Tonight
Bonus tracks
11 Marianne
12 Dancevision
13 Rock 'n Roll / Nightclubbing
14 Tom Baker
15 Boys and Girls
16 I Don't Depend On You
17 Cruel

CD-R 1: Parralox - Hotter (Luminiferous Remixes) (Limited Edition):
01 Parralox - Hotter (Luminiferous Radio Mix)
02 Parralox - Hotter (Luminiferous Club Mix)
03 Parralox - Hotter (Luminiferous Lament)
04 Parralox - Hotter (Luminiferous Defective Dub)
05 Parralox - Hotter (Luminiferous Radio Mix Instrumental)
06 Parralox - Hotter (Luminiferous Club Mix Instrumental)
07 Parralox - Hotter (Luminiferous Lament Instrumental)
08 Parralox - Hotter (Luminiferous Defective Dub Instrumental)

CD-R 2: Parralox - Remix Series - DMT Berzerk 2 (Limited Edition):
01 Parralox - New Light (DMT Berzerk Remix)
02 Parralox - Lullaby (DMT Berzerk Remix)
03 Parralox - Cadenas de Oro (DMT Berzerk Remix)
04 Parralox - New Light (DMT Berzerk Remix Instrumental)
05 Parralox - Lullaby (DMT Berzerk Remix Instrumental)
06 Parralox - Cadenas de Oro (DMT Berzerk Remix Instrumental)
07 Parralox - New Light (DMT Berzerk Extended Remix)
08 Parralox - Lullaby (DMT Berzerk Extended Remix)
09 Parralox - Cadenas de Oro (DMT Berzerk Extended Remix)

CD-R 3: Parralox - Megamix 2017 (Limited Edition):
Megamix by Costa Lakoumentas
01 Wildlife (7th Heaven Club Mix)
02 Sharp as a Knife
03 Crying on the Dancefloor feat. Francine (7th Heaven Club Mix)
04 Don’t Talk About Love (Nicolas Reeves Remix)
05 Eye in the Sky (Purechild + Stereolove Remix)
06 Creep (Cosmic Dawn Remix Extended)
07 Aeronaut (Rich B & Phil Marriott Club Mix)
08 Electric Nights (7th Heaven Remix Extended)
09 New Light (Rotersand Vs Timo Van Laak Rework)

Parralox - Dreams of Leaving (Acapella)
Parralox - Tom Baker (V1)

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