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'The stuff obsessions are born of' - Parralox reviewed on Music City Post

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Parralox’s Sharper Than A Knife is the stuff obsessions are born of. Here, in its Pete Hammond remix form, the track dips into a vein of 80s nostalgia so strong, you can practically taste the chorus of Club Tropicana and bouffant hairspray. Following previous masterwerks such as this, Hammond delivers another raft of SAW-worthy synths – it doesn’t just sound like the 80s, it *is* the 80s. Captured in a bottle,  spring-loaded on a stack of old copies of Smash Hits – it’s every trip to Reflex you ever dreamed about, and more.

We haven’t even got started on the lyric video. After one watch of this, all other lyric videos might as well shut up shop and go home. It basically recreates all your favourite 80s vinyl sleeves, ever. Indeed, trying to spot them all very nearly tops the track itself in terms of sheer fun-factor.

With praise from the likes of Popjustice, Perez Hilton and EQ Music ringing in their ears, expect to hear a lot more from this Aussie duo in the future."

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Sharper Than A Knife on the Music Muso blog
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Monday, 21 October 2019

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