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The Human League - Soundtrack To A Generation (Parralox Remix V1)

newsletter 2018 09 19 The Human League Soundtrack to a Generattion Parralox Remix on YouTube

Oh wow! Released as the 2nd single from the Romantic? album in 1996, this song was a commercial flop.
But it's a treasured jewel amongst the true fans, and I'm thrilled to show the world a new version of the song.❤️🎹
This is the demo version of The Human League - Soundtrack to a Generation (Parralox Remix V1) which I created for my radio show Neon Nights.

It's available as a free podcast download >

Download The Human League - Soundtrack to a Generation (Parralox Remix V1) on Bandcamp Subscription

Electronically Yours,

PS : Here is a link to the YOUTUBE video

Berlyn Trilogy - Simone Nicole (Parralox Remix)
Wham! - Everything She Wants (Parralox Remix)

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Friday, 24 September 2021

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