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Electric Nights is #21 in POPoNAUT Top 50

article 2017 12 08 parralox electric nights poponaut number 21 on top50 bestselling cd

Electric Nights, the new single from Parralox has climbed to #21 best selling CD on the POPoNAUT Bestseller Top 50. The Electric Nights CD includes remixes by 7th Heaven, Pete Hammond and Tobias Bernstrup. Plus 4 new B-Sides.

A very special thank you to all the fans who bought the CD (and those of you yet to buy it haha!!).

Special thanks to Sebastian Stolle and Stefan Pellett.

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Screengrab below of the chart as at December 8, 2017

article 2017 12 08 parralox electric nights poponaut number 21 on top50 bestselling cd B

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Parralox have 2 songs in the Euro-HiNRG Top 50 Club Chart (USA)

Parralox have 2 songs in the Euro-HiNRG Top 50 Club Chart (USA).

#18 Always On My Mind / In My House
#28 Wildlife (7th Heaven Remix)

Chart Compiled Based On Sales And DJ Contributions From Online Sources Worldwide.
Editor: Jason Davis - Special assistance by Troy Matthews.

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Adem’s Top 50 Albums of 2013

Australian based blog "Schizophonic" have just announced their Top 50 Albums of 2013, compiled by Adem. We are thrilled to announce that the list includes not one, but two projects by John von Ahlen!

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Here are the highlights :

13. Parralox “RECOVERY”
Not usually one for cover albums (however, there is still one more of those yet to appear in this countdown), in 2013 Australia’s own Parralox proved that a covers collection wasn’t something that had to be boring. Their exquisite take on Parson’s “Eye In The Sky” is as wonderful as their covers of Madonna’s “Physical Attraction” and ABBA’s “The Day Before You Came”. Nonetheless it’s Front 242′s “Headhunter” which takes the cake as the best cover here, banging away in just over six minutes of dance-floor perfection that stands as an even bigger track than the 1988 original. Parralox have always been a massive favourite of mine and this could be their finest produced record to date. With a new vocalist set to join the group for 2014 and original releases planned in the foreseeable future, there’s no doubt in my mind this next album will exceed all expectations.
KEY TRACKS: “Headhunter”, “Physical Attraction”, “Eye In The Sky”.

24. The Sound Of The Crowd “LIFE IS CALLING”
This pure electro side-project from Parralox genius and Melbourne’s very own John von Ahlen, under the guise of The Sound of the Crowd, is a rather astonishing debut. There’s a Stock/Aitken/Waterman throwback on the icy “Companion”, which sounds like it could have slotted onto the end of Mel & Kim’s first album F.L.M. quite comfortably, yet as a whole the record is a lot more underground than what we’ve come to expect from Parralox. Keep an ear out for Nic Toupee, an absolute living legend who is also one of my all-time favourite Melbourne DJs, who lends vocals to the big finale “Conclusion”, which is my choice-cut selection from Life Is Calling.

KEY TRACKS: “Conclusion”, “Wildlife”, “Companion”.

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Metropolis is Album #25 in the Top 50 albums of 2010!

What a lovely start to 2011!
The fab-tastic blog AdemwithanE has named Metropolis as the #25 top album of 2010!
Needless to say we are thrilled at the news. 
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