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Like Online (Germany) reviews the new Aeronaut Album

Like Online have written an article about the new Aeronaut release. Amazingly, they've compared us to...

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Klatsch-Tratsch (Germany) reviews Aeronaut

Klatsch-Tratsch haben eine fantastische Artikel über den neuen Song von Parralox geschrieben. Wir hoffen, es gefällt...

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Javierelectro (Spain) reviews Aeronaut

Javier Electro's blog has written a lovely article (in Spanish) about the new Parralox Single /...

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I Die, You Die (Canada) reviews Parralox - Aeronaut

Canadian Blog "I Die, You Die" (yes, named after the legendary Gary Numan track) wrote an...

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Poptastic Confessions (USA) review Aeronaut

Poptastic Confessions wrote a fantastic article on the new release of AeronautNow on to better news!...

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