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MyFizzyPop reviews Electric Nights

Check out the awesome 'MyFizzyPop' review of the forthcoming Parralox single "Electric Nights".The EP & Remixes...

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Side-Line reviews new Parralox album Subculture

  Side-Line reviews have just posted reviews of the new Parralox album Subculture, and also Holiday...

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Documentary Evidence (Unofficial Mute Records website) reviews Recovery

Documentary Evidence (the unofficial Mute Records website) reviews the latest Parralox album.Here's an extract >>"Recovery, the...

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Soma Magazine interviews Parralox

Soma Magazine interviews John von Ahlen from Parralox.Read the interview here :

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Sharper Than A Knife reviewed on Europlop!

This is Europlop, where Tim and Tom argue about music that isn't worth arguing about.This time...

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