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Holiday '17 at #178 on iTunes Russia

The Only Way Is Up!! Our seasonal album "Holiday '17" is #187 in the iTunes Chart...

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Electric Nights is Song of 2017 at POPTASTIC CONFESSIONS

Happy New Year! We start the year off with an absolute bang! Poptastic Confessions have just...

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Elektroskull reviews Holiday '17

Esteemed Swedish blog "Elektroskull" have reviewed the latest Parralox album "Holiday '17" - the latest in...

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Electric Nights CD at POPoNAUT

"Electric Nights" the new EP from Parralox, is available to order on CD from POPoNAUT!The CD...

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Bandcamp Subscriptions now available

We are proud to announce an exciting new service - Bandcamp Subscriptions. Instantly get everything we...

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