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Anxiety is Number 34 on UK iTunes Electronic Chart

Anxiety number 34 on uk itunes Chart

Anxiety - the new single by Peter Wilson, peaked at #34 on the iTunes UK Electronic Chart this week.
Anxiety was Produced by John von Ahlen (aka Parralox) and co-written by John von Ahlen and Peter Wilson.

Screenshot below was taken on October 26, 2017 from

anxiety number 34 on uk itunes chart

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Peter Wilson's new single produced by John von Ahlen

Peter Wilson - Anxiety

Australian vocalist Peter Wilson has a new single coming out called Anxiety. The track was produced by John von Ahlen (Parralox) and co-written by John von Ahlen and Peter Wilson. Anxiety appears on the album Overdrive.

John and Peter have been working together since the 90's when they were signed to the same label (Sirius Records). John also co wrote and produced tracks for Peter's albums Laser Light and 3 tracks on his latest album Overdrive. Check out Discogs for the full story!

Anxiety is being released on October 26 on Energise Records UK.

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Paul Lekakis' new song "Somebody" out now

paul lekakis - somebody

Somebody (Is Out There) is the new song by Paul Lekakis, and it's out now.
The track was written and produced by John von Ahlen of Parralox during Paul's visit to Australia in 2016 for the Totally 80's Tour (remember Boom, Boom, Boom, Let's Go Back To My Room?).

John also designed the cover artwork.

Somebody (Is Out There) will soon be out on all major digital distributors via CAMP Entertainment. Here are a few links :

Paul Lekakis on Beatport -

Paul Lekakis on Spotify -

Remixes and Music Video coming soon!

PS - head over to John's Radio show "Neon Nights" and listen to their interview together -

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The Electricity Club interviews Parralox

article 2017 06 24 electricity club interviews john von ahlen of parralox

Legendary music blog "The Electricity Club" have interviewed John von Ahlen from Parralox, ahead of their performance at Silicon Dreams, Liverpool
Parralox will be headline act at Silicon Dreams on July 8th, 2017 at the Liverpool Philharmonic Music Room, alongside amazing musical acts Avec Sans, Future Perfect, Voi Vang, Carolyn McLavy and Berlyn Trilogy.

Paul Browne interviewed John von Ahlen, and asked a multitude of questions about Parralox's live show, the evolution of their sound, their favourite songs and much more.

Visit The Electricity Club to read the entire interview >>

Special thanks to Simon Hewitt and Paul Browne.


Parralox are performing in the UK at the following events:

Silicon Dreams on 8th July 2017 at Liverpool Philharmonic Music Room (tickets via

Synthetic City London on 9th September 2017 (Tickets via

parralox - live - 2017 07 08 - Silicon Dreams - Liverpool

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Is That The 12" Remix?

rob grillo - is that the 12 inch remix


A new edition of "Is That The 12 Inch Remix" has been printed, which features John von Ahlen of Parralox, as well as a foreword by Martyn Ware (Heaven 17) and contributions by Marsheaux, Simon Le Bon, Neil Tennant, Rusty Egan, Tony King (PWL) and many, many more. Also includes an afterword by Classic Pop magazine editor-at-large Ian Pell. The new edition is 20,000 words longer than the first edition and available right now.

Here's the blurb:

"Everyone knows someone who is obsessed with music; that is if they're not obsessed themselves. Whether it is impossible for you to step inside the car without turning on the stereo, or whether you just have to have every mix, remix and variation of every release by your favourite artist, you'll be able to comprehend what this book is about. This book covers the music scene in the 1980s when record companies suddenly cottoned on to the idea of creative marketing, seen through the eyes of Rob Grillo, and several other obsessive fans of '80s music. With a foreword by Martyn Ware (Heaven 17 / The Human League) this is an expanded and thoroughly remixed new edition of the original book, which was entitled 'Is That The 12" Mix?'."

It's out now on Amazon. Grab a copy (or two) >>

Special thanks to Rob Grillo.


article 2016 09 14 rob grillo is that the 12 inch 2      article 2016 09 14 rob grillo is that the 12 inch 1
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