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Blondie vs New Order - Atomic Monday (Parralox Remix)

Blondie vs New Order - Atomic Monday (Parralox Remix) on YouTube

In addition to making music for Parralox, John von Ahlen also hosts Neon Nights, a radio show every Saturday on Australia's largest LGBTIQ station JOY949.
Blondie vs New Order - Atomic Monday (Parralox Remix) was created specially for Neon Nights, and John's created a snazzy video for it.

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CeCe Peniston vs The Human League (Parralox Remix)

CeCe Peniston vs The Human League - Finally, Dreams are Made of Things! (Parralox Bootleg Remix V2) on YouTube

I had the pleasure of interviewing Cece Peniston a few weeks ago, for my radio show Neon Nights on JOY949.
I thought I would do a remix of her classic track Finally, and give it a bit of an updated disco feel. I played it to Cece and she loved it!
This is V2 of the remix. Later that night in the studio when I was working on the remix I was thinking about something to give it a little extra spice.

I remember I was recently listening to Kelis' track Finest Dreams and thought it would interesting to mashup this song with another classic song. Either I was brilliantly creative, or very lazy, but I ended up using The Human League's track The Things That Dreams are Made of (Love and Dancing Version)!

Check out the Proper Music Video for V2 of the remix on Facebook : 🎹❤️🎹

Free download CeCe Peniston vs The Human League - Finally, Dreams are Made of Things! (Parralox Bootleg Remix V2)

Electronically Yours,

PS - Here is a link to the YOUTUBE video

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New Interviews + Free Depeche Mode "Heaven" Remix!

Parralox were interviewed by Edge On The Net and BlogTalkRadio last week. Edge On The Net were also given the exclusive FREE download of our remix of Depeche Mode's new song "Heaven".

Click here  >> for the Edge interview (includes Depeche Mode - Heaven Remix (Free Download))

Click here >> for the Blog Talk Radio interview

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Be Careful What You Wish For....

It's been a while since we updated our download page, so we are pleased to announce the following BANDCAMP DOWNLOADS:

Be Careful What You Wish For
(The Talion Law Electro Pop Remix)
X Minus One (EY3 Extended Mix)
Time (People Theatre's Blessing Mix)
Creep (Kiss Mix)
I Am Human (Subguys Remix)

If you aren't a member yet, then sign up here >>

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