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Digital Journal interviews Parralox

Digital Journal is a digital media news network with thousands of Digital Journalists in 200 countries...

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Bryn Hammond interviews John von Ahlen of Parralox

Bryn Hammond has interviewed John von Ahlen of Parralox for the new single release of Electric...

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Electric Nights added to JOY949 Radio

JOY949, Australia's first LGBTIQ Radio Station have added Parralox's new single "Electric Nights (7th Heaven Remix)"...

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MyFizzyPop reviews Electric Nights

Check out the awesome 'MyFizzyPop' review of the forthcoming Parralox single "Electric Nights".The EP & Remixes...

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Poptastic Confessions reviews Electric Nights

Electroblog supreme "Poptastic Confessions" have written an article on our forthcoming EP and Remix EP "Electric...

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