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Electric Nights is Number 2 on DJ David Strong Charts

Awesome to see Parralox at NUMBER 2 on the DJ David Strong December Dance Chart with...

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Electric Nights is #5 on Euphoria New Music Chart

Fantastic to see Parralox straight in at Number 5 on the December Euphoria New Music Chart...

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Electric Nights is #2 on CHBNRadio Playlist

Awesome to see Parralox - Electric Nights climbing up to Number 2 on the CHBNRadio Playlist...

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Electric Nights reviewed on BILLCSMUSIC

Esteemed blogger Bill Smith, who runs the BILLCSMUSIC blog has written an amazing article about the...

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Boy Culture reviews Electric Nights

Absolutely Fabulous blog "Boy Culture" has written an awesome, albeit short, review of Electric Nights, the...

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