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Parralox - Being Boiled (New Single)

Listen to the Voice of Buddha! Welcome to Week 9 of Travelogue, our re-flexing of the classic...

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Parralox - Gordon's Gin (New Single)

A Gordons and Tonic Please! Welcome to Week 8 of Travelogue, our re-jigging of the classic album...

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Parralox - The Touchables (New Single)

Speaking of which, what is your choice?..Welcome to Week 7 of Travelogue, our re-imagining of the classic...

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Parralox - Crow and a Baby (New Single)

The result was a Dare..Welcome to Week 6 of Travelogue, our re-rub of the classic album by...

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Parralox - Toyota City (New Single)

The kid's swapping a fishing rod for a Dr Feelgood album...Welcome to Week 5 of Travelogue, our...

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