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Parralox - Genesis album review on Q Magazine

Parralox - Genesis - Album review on Q Magazine

Q Magazine, the only free to street monthly Gay and Lesbian glossy A5 publication of its kind in Australia has interviewed John von Ahlen and reviewed the latest Parralox album "Genesis" 16x16 smiley
The article covers the new album, including the forthcoming single "Tears of Faith feat Jane Badler"

Click here to read the Genesis - Album review on Q Magazine

Click here to download Q Magazine, December 2019 issue

newsletter 2019 12 29 Parralox Genesis review on Q Magazine Front Cover
newsletter 2019 12 29 Parralox Genesis review on Q Magazine Article
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I Love You Too Much #149 on iTunes Dance Chart Australia

chart position iTunes Australia Number 149 - Parralox - I Love You Too Much

With Paradise feat Marcella Detroit (Remixes) just being released it's lovely to see our back catalogue getting some renewed interest.

We just got an alert informing us that Parralox - I Love You Too Much is in the Australian iTunes Dance Chart at #149. Watch out Taylor Swift, we're coming for you!

I Love You Too Much is a track written by The Human League and first appeared on their Fascination EP in 1983, and then later in re-worked form on their Hysteria album. With the original version being the superior IMHO. They both feature bass guitar by Ian Burden, who also now contributes to Parralox on occasion, as well as John von Ahlen's previous band The Tenth Stage.

Click here to see the discography entry for Parralox - I Love You Too Much

Click here for to the YouTube video for I Love You Too Much


iTunes Australia - Parralox Chart Positions for December 2018

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Paradise feat Marcella Detroit #9 on iTunes Australia Dance Chart

chart position iTunes Australia Number 9 Paradise Remixes

In the first week of its release Paradise feat Marcella Detroit (Remixes) charted at #9 on the Australian iTunes Dance Charts on 30th of November, 2018.
Again, we are totally thrilled at this news and would like to thank all the fans who bought the song and have been supporting us.

We can also share a few other chart positions from iTunes Charts over the last 7 days :

#9 iTunes Australia Dance Chart - Paradise feat Marcella Detroit
#94 iTunes USA Dance Chart - DMT Berzerk Remixes
#113 iTunes USA Dance Chart - Metropolism
#64 - iTunes UK Dance Chart - State of Decay
#45 - iTunes Netherland Chart - Silent Morning feat Ryan Adames

Track list for Parralox - Paradise feat Marcella Detroit (Remixes)
1.Paradise feat Marcella Detroit (Eric Kupper Remix Extended)
2.Paradise feat Marcella Detroit (Dancehall Remix)
3.Paradise feat Marcella Detroit (Lifelike Remix)
4.Paradise feat Marcella Detroit (Will Alonso's Detroit In A Dub Remix)
5.Paradise feat Marcella Detroit (People Theatre's Parapluie Remix)
6.Paradise feat Marcella Detroit (Mark Hagan Remix)
7.Paradise feat Marcella Detroit (NoOneKnown & Carlbeats Future Bass Remix)
8.Paradise feat Marcella Detroit (Speak and Spell Remix)
9.Paradise feat Marcella Detroit (Acapella)

Click here to see the discography entry for Parralox - Paradise feat Marcella Detroit (Remixes)

 PS - Here is a link to the YouTube video for Subculture, which contains the original mix of Paradise

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Artist of the Day on Spreading The Seed (Australia)

Parralox have been named Artist Of The Day on the esteemed music blog Spreading The Seed.

Spreading The Seed are an Australian blog who are passionate about fostering and developing musical talent. Here's a blurb from their website >>

To foster fervently the development of musical emergents...
At Spreading The Seed we believe “From little things, big things grow”…
For our team it’s all about new and emerging artists and their music, we have learnt that word of mouth can carry far beyond ones imagination…
“Seeds are blown in the wind. Some fall on paths and tarmac, some fall on stony ground where there is little soil, some fall among other seeds and plants that grow faster and smother any ground - some fall on good soil where they take root and flourish. Some seeds have evolved in special ways so they are blown further. Other seeds have ingenious burrs so that they stick to passing birds or insects, who then unwittingly carry them far and wide.”

Visit Spreading The Seed to See Parralox's entry for Artist of the Day >>

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Parralox live @ Midsumma Carnival 2013

Parralox perform live on the Midsumma Carnival 2013 Main Stage.

This is a free event, open to everyone!

In 2013 Midsumma will celebrate its 25th anniversary, so come and join us on Sunday 13 January at Birrarung Marr for the single biggest event in Midsumma's program - Carnival!

Midsumma, Melbourne's annual Queer Celebration, is a federation of arts and cultural events spread over 85 different venues throughout Melbourne and Regional Victoria. The festival is presented over three weeks from mid January to February and, having been held annually since 1988, is a significant attraction on the Melbourne festival calendar.

When - 4PM. Sunday, January 13th, 2013.
Where - Birrarung Marr, Melbourne, Australia

Facebook -
Official Website -

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