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I Am Human (JJJ Remix) - Exclusive to Bandcamp Subscribers

Way back in 2010, our manager at the time thought it would be a good idea...

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Time (Dark Version V4 Edit) out now on Bandcamp

From the archives of Subterrane Recording Studio, we have unearthed the Dark Version of Time. There...

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Metropolis is #2 on iTunes chart in Finland

The Parralox album "Metropolis" has peaked at #2 on the iTunes Chart in Finland. Metropolis features...

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Parralox - Sharper than a Knife is #8 on the P:Machinery Charts

The call of the machines!!Sharper than a Knife by Parralox climbs to #8 on the P:Machinery...

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Sharper Than A Knife #3 on Popjustice Charts

Just received word that Sharper Than A Knife is now #3 on the Popjustice Charts!We love...

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