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Subculture reviewed on DepecheMode.de

depechemode de - subculture and holiday 16  by Parralox review

German Blog DepecheMode.de have reviewed both of the new Parralox albums, "Subculture" and "Holiday '16" and given them both a most excellent 7/10 rating.

Fire up Google Translate and read this fantastic review! Special thanks to Addison :)

Click here to read the article on Depechemode.de >> https://www.depechemode.de/der-review-weihnachtskalender-tuerchen22-parralox-subculture-holiday-48273/

Subculture is out now on Energise Records >> http://www.parralox.com/discography/albums/subculture

Click below to listen to a preview of our new album "Subculture"


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Tuesday, 31 March 2020

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