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Promises to Humans have no validity...

Except when they guarantee that they have recreated the entire Travelogue album 😁

Please enjoy this first demo version of Tom Baker, a Doctor Who themed track by The Human League (back when Doctor Who was worth watching).
V3 is the final version and the one that will be included on the forthcoming Parralox album.
V2 is more of an orchestral version (didn't really work), and will be coming soon to Bandcamp.
Tom Baker was originally released as the B-side to Boys and Girls in 1980. Little did the band know what delights the folowing year would hold.

For Parralox fans, we know what the rest of 2021 holds: the imminent release of Travelogue.
All 17 tracks have been re-imagined and will be accompanied by a Music Video, with a new song + video released every week for 17 consecutive weeks.

It was a futuristic cover...

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Parralox - Tom Baker V1

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