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Parralox - Shalom (Sampler for Ukraine)

Parralox - Shalom (Sampler for Ukraine)

"Sampler for Ukraine" is a benefit CD + Download, with all funds donated directly to the Red Cross.
Parralox has contributed a song called 'Shalom" with vocals by Ulla Kruse.
The sampler also includes tracks by Blancmange, Real Life, Leæther Strip, Das Ich, IKON and many other amazing artists.

Please note: makes no money with this sampler.

The download version of "Sampler for Ukraine" is available in four parts, and was released on 25th March 2022 [ HERE ] at Bandcamp.
"Sampler for Ukraine" is also released as 3 x 3CD in Digipack (limited to 242 copies), 2 x MC and 4 x Direct-Cut Vinyl.
You can order the limited 3 x 3CD as Digipack, the 2 x MC and 4 x Direct-Cut Vinyl 7” via [ e-Mail ] or [ Facebook ].

Independent of the sampler you can donate to the German Red Cross with their campaign “Nothilfe Ukraine”, and directly to the Ukrainian Red Cross.

200 DRK               Ukrainian Red Cross

Parralox have also filmed a music video for Shalom, which you can watch on YouTube by clicking here, or the image below.

Enjoy the video, please consider visiting the Sampler for Ukraine website, and have a lovely weekend 😎

Lady Gaga - Paparazzi (Parralox Remix)
Vision Talk - Promises (Parralox Remix)

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