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Parralox - Marianne (New Single)

Parralox - Marianne (Single)
I see your dreams come true...

Welcome to Week 11 of Travelogue, our re-interpreation of the classic album by The Human League.
This week's track is Marianne, and is the beginning of the bonus tracks for Travelogue, and yes we have made videos for all of them 😁

Bonus Tracks
11 Marianne
12 Dancevision
13 Rock 'n' Roll/Nightclubbing
14 Tom Baker
15 Boys and Girls
16 I Don't Depend On You
17 Cruel

The video for Marianne is a high fashion affair. Fans of amazing looking models, haute couture and catwalks - put your best foot forward 🙋

Marianne is out now on all digital platforms, YouTube and Limited Edition Compact Disc.

The Black Hit of Space is in its final week on Klangwald German Radio Charts and has stayed at No.4. Songs can only be in the charts for 8 weeks, and we thank ALL of our fans for voting.

Have a totally wonderful weekend ðŸ˜Ž

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Parralox - Marianne (Single)



Parralox - Travelogue (Super Deluxe Fan Bundle)

Parralox - Dancevision (New Single)
Parralox - WXJL Tonight (New Single)

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Friday, 21 June 2024

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