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Parralox - Boys and Girls (New Single)

Parralox - Boys and Girls (Single)

With your looks you could go far...

Welcome to Week 15 of Travelogue, our re-vamp of the classic album by The Human League.
This week's track is Boys and Girls, and is the fifth bonus track from Travelogue.

Bonus Tracks: 
11 Marianne
12 Dancevision
13 Rock 'n' Roll/Nightclubbing
14 Tom Baker
15 Boys and Girls
16 I Don't Depend On You
17 Cruel

Boys and Girls was a single released by The Human League in 1981 in their transition phase between avantgarde pioneers and number one world-wide pop stars.

Who could have predicted what the rest of 1981 would hold in store for them?!

As per wikipedia: It was the first single released by the new Human League line-up of Oakey, Wright together with new teenage dancers Susanne Sulley and Joanne Catherall, although the latter two did not perform on the record and only appear on the picture sleeve. The new line-up formed after the acrimonious departure of Martyn Ware and Ian Craig Marsh from the band four months earlier.

The single was initially issued in a gatefold picture sleeve although contained a single 7" disc only with the instrumental track "Tom Baker" as the B-side. After a limited gatefold run it was released in a regular picture sleeve. At the time it was remarked on that Sulley and Catherall were missing from the song, after the mythology that had been started in the media about their recent recruitment to the band from the Crazy Daisy Nightclub four months earlier. This was because they had both returned to school full-time and "Boys and Girls" was originally written without any female vocals. Although both Sulley and Catherall do feature on the record sleeve artwork and publicity material.

Boys and Girls is out now on all digital platforms, YouTube and Limited Edition Compact Disc.

Have a wonderful weekend 😎

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Parralox - Boys and Girls (Single)


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