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Parralox - Being Boiled (New Single)

Parralox - Being Boiled (Single)
Listen to the Voice of Buddha!

Welcome to Week 9 of Travelogue, our re-flexing of the classic album by The Human League.
This week's track is Being Boiled, and is out now on all digital platforms, YouTube and Limited Edition Compact Disc.

The video for Being Boiled uses footage from the film Wanring From Space.and is a Japanese tokusatsu science fiction film released in January 1956. It was the first Japanese science fiction film to be produced in color! In the film's plot, starfish-like aliens disguised as humans travel to Earth to warn of the imminent collision of a rogue planet and Earth. As the planet rapidly accelerates toward Earth, a nuclear device is created at the last minute and destroys the approaching world.

Starfish, Rogue Planets and Nuclear Missiles. Oh My!

The Black Hit of Space is STILL in the Klangwald German Radio Charts and has climbed to No.6 this week.
Many thanks to all the fans that have kept voting for the track - we thank you yet again. Songs can only be in the charts for 8 weeks, so we only have 2 weeks to go. Please vote and let's get it to No.1 Click here.

Have a brilliant weekend 😎

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Parralox - Being Boiled (Single)


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Thursday, 20 June 2024

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