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Sharper Than A Knife on the Music Muso blog

Just in on Music Muso - a new article on the forthcoming release of Sharper Than...

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'The stuff obsessions are born of' - Parralox reviewed on Music City Post

Check out this cool article on MUSIC CITY POST!Parralox’s Sharper Than A Knife is the stuff...

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¿Quiénes son Parralox?

Glamourkinky have posted a lovely article about Parralox here>> guys! XX

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Creep released on Pacha Recordings

Creep has just been released on Pacha recordings, and includes some previously unreleased remixes.Check it out...

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Altsounds File-O-Facts: John of Parralox

The AltSounds File-O-Facts feature on: John von Ahlen. My Biggest Aspiration: "To produce some amazing albums...

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Sharper Than A Knife reviewed on Europlop!

This is Europlop, where Tim and Tom argue about music that isn't worth arguing about.This time...

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Think 80′s Madonna meets Pet Shop Boys meets Aqua and you get PARRALOX!

Here's another, rather lovely, article about Sharper Than a Knife from the wonderful folks at Popledge....

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Parralox - Sharper Than A Knife (More articles)

More articles related to our new single "Sharper Than A Knife"I House You (30/10/2012) Magazine UK...

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Sharper Than A Knife #3 on Popjustice Charts

Just received word that Sharper Than A Knife is now #3 on the Popjustice Charts!We love...

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Sharper Than A Knife - EP out now

Sharper Than A Knife EP is now available on iTunes. Official Video premiers November 26! xxx...

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