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Documentary Evidence (Unofficial Mute Records website) reviews Recovery

Documentary Evidence (the unofficial Mute Records website) reviews the latest Parralox album.
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"Recovery, the fifth album from John von Ahlen's Parralox is a collection of cover versions of tracks by Depeche Mode, Madonna, Blancmange, Erasure, Pet Shop Boys and others, all delivered with the highest possible pop nous by this Australian producer. Initially reticent about the idea of delivering an album of other people's songs, most of the tracks that form Recovery languished, unused, for two years until von Ahlen finally decided that the risk of offering alternative interpretations of some absolutely classic songs was worth it. The result is an album that entirely restores your faith in what pop music can be."

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Recovery "Limited Edition CD" - Sold Out!
Recovery - CD

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Tuesday, 02 June 2020

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