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Excellent review of Parralox - Isn't it Strange (CD) on the Fabtastic Blog!

WWe really should be Googling our own name more often, as this wonderful review slipped us...

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All good things..

Now that our mini tour of Europe is over, we would like to thank all our...

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Parralox @ Electroqueer (London)

Wow - can we just say a BIG thanks to Raj Rudolph, Chi, DJ Adam, Dear...

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Article on Parralox - Isn't It Strange (CD) on Art Noir Webzine (Sweden)

Parralox is in the middle of our European tour, but we have a few days downtime...

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Article on Parralox - Isn't It Strange (CD) on Black Vector Webzine (Sweden)

 A review of Isn't It Strange on Swedish webzine - Black Vector - excellent :)Click here...

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