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Parralox on Pacha

The Paul Cerro remix of "Creep" has just been released on Pacha Ibizi VIP - Volume...

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Parralox - Live In Spain!

 2012 SITGES POPTRONIK FESTIVAL1st & 2nd September 2012Sitges Aiguadolç Football Stadium Parralox are confirmed to play on...

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Parralox - Live in Sweden!

 Electronic Summer is a two-day electronic music festival in Gothenburg, Sweden. Parralox will be performing on Friday...

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This Beat Is Poptronik - Volume One

You're just what I'm looking for...Check out this awesome CD from Electroqueer-Aztec Records c/o Raj Rudolph....

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Parralox - Creep is #47 on Official Billboard US Charts

It's official! Parralox are in the American Billboard Charts! Creep has debuted at #47 on the...

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