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DMT Berzerk Remixes - #94 on USA iTunes Dance Chart

Alongside Paradise feat Marcella Detroit and Holiday '18, we have also released two new Remix Albums...

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Paradise feat Marcella Detroit (Eric Kupper Remix) out now

The time has release Paradise feat Marcella Detroit (Eric Kupper Remix) to the world!November 30...

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Silent Morning - Number 45 on iTunes Netherlands Chart

Looks like Christmas has arrived a little early! Out of the blue, we've been alerted that...

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The Rude Awakening - To Say Goodbye (Parralox Remix)

There's just no stopping this band! The Rude Awakening have just released their third song and...

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State of Decay - Number 64 on iTunes UK Chart

Much to our surprise we've just found out that our State of Decay album is in...

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