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Parralox - You're My Baby

You're My Baby

Written by Ian Elliott

Verse 1
You're my baby, and it's true
If I could fall in love at all I'd fall for you
You're my baby
Since the day we met
Oh yeah

Verse 2
Rules they had were made for others
Can't they just see the way we feel that
We are two lovers
You're my baby
Since the day we met
Oh yeah

Middle 8
And if they talk about us
Say we're too young for romance
We'll laugh at what they're saying
And keep those records playing
Those we played when we met

Title You're My Baby feat Ian Burden
Songwriter   Ian Elliott
Vocalist   John von Ahlen
Bass Guitar & Keys
  Ian Burden
Production #   091
Engineer   Juan del Toro
Producer   John von Ahlen
Dedicated to   Nicola Tesla
Studio   Subterrane Recording Studio
Software   Cubase VST, Cubase 7, Soundforge
Instruments   DR110 Drum Machine, Juno 106, Pro One, Kontact, Ibanez Bass Guitar
Time   4:28
BPM   124.5 BPM
Copyright   Subterrane Records 2024
Appears on   Eye In The Sky

Additional Info:
Features Bass Guitar and Keys by Ian Burden (ex The Human League).
The Bass Guitar used on the track is an Ibanez via a Boss Compressor, the very same guitar Ian used on Mirror Man and (Keep Feeling) Fascination.

You're My Baby was a song performed live by The Human League during their 1981/1982 Dare Tour.
There has been much speculation about this song over the years, both regarding the actual recording as well as the original composer. Some sources incorrectly cited this as a song from the 60's originally performed by The Shirelles.
"You're My Baby" was written by Ian Elliott and never officially released by The Human League. It only appeared on bootlegs, including "Drumset Mystery" and "Boiling Point".
This recording features Bass Guitar and Keys by Ian Burden (ex-The Human League) who co-wrote classic tracks including "Love Action".
Ian Burden has played bass guitar on the following Parralox albums - State of Decay, Metropolis and Recovery.

For the full story on "You're My Baby" read on....

"Onstage there was no drumset at all , but you can perfectly hear it!!!"

Wind the clock back to 1982.
The Human League are on top of the world, basking in the success of their seminal album "Dare" which they perform live across the world. People bought cassettes, vinyl records and listened to the radio.
MP3, CD and internet were in the distant future...

As The Human League performed "Don't You Wan't Me" to the enthralled masses, they would sometimes start their live performance with a song called "You're My Baby".
Mystery has shrouded this track for decades. Information was non existent. There were rumours that the track was originally performed by the Motown girl-group "The Shirelles".
The only place you could hear "Youre My Baby", apart from being at a concert, was on vinyl bootlegs. The most notable bootlegs being "Drumset Mystery" and "Boiling Point".

The Human League - Drumset Mystery - Front Cover
The Human League - Drumset Mystery (Rear Cover)
"Drumset Mystery" - The Human League (Bootleg)

Fast forward to 2013.
Ian Burden (bass guitarist for the The Human League, co-writer of Love Action/The Sound Of The Crowd/Mirror Man etc) is now friends with John von Ahlen (Parralox/The Tenth Stage/The Sound Of The Crowd) and has contributed bass guitar to each of these projects.

It all began with a conversation between John and Ian Burden about "You're My Baby", in which Ian spoke about touring with the band in the 80's and the origin of the song. It's revealed that the song is written by one Mr I. Elliot, a relative of one of the members of the Comsat Angels. Connections are then made and Mr Elliot is contacted and gives his blessings for the track to be officially recorded.

Parralox release their 5th album "Recovery" which is all cover versions, and one of the tracks recorded in the studio sessions was "You're My Baby". Ian Burden enters the studio and performs bass guitar, in addition to some keyboard parts for the new Parralox recording of "You're My Baby" and the rest is history.

Special thanks to Ian Burden and Mr I. Elliot.

"You're My Baby" appears on the new Parralox EP "Eye In The Sky" out on 11-12-13
It will also be available on a Limited Edition CD from conzoom Records in December 2013.

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