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Parralox - The Touchables

The Touchables

Written by Philip Oakey, Martyn Ware, Ian Craig Marsh and Philip Adrian Wright.

Speaking of which, what is your choice
Your conversation will suffice
I feel the need that's known to all
Better use it up before the levels fall
You can take me back to the primal drive
You can carry on until we arrive
Hypnotised inside
Now I'm not young and you're not old
I'd rather purchase than be sold
Crazed friends so bold

It's not easy to conceal
When you're so touchable
People will hide indifference
Just to be touchable
They still emit split second screams
When they are touchable
Under the surface just for kicks
Sincerely touchable

You say it's okay, but what do I feel
Guilt, compassion, or Achilles Heel
Little feet march down grey matter hill
Then panic occurs, no seeds to spill
What's the matter now
Please look up and speak
Your spirit's wilting and your flesh is weak
Eight days a week
I can't imagine what'll happen now
I wonder when and I wonder how
The end will come

It's not easy to conceal
When you're so touchable
People will hide indifference
Just to be touchable

It's not easy to conceal
When you're so touchable
People will hide indifference
Just to be touchable
They still emit split second screams
When they are touchable
Under the surface just for kicks
Sincerely touchable

The final answer to all our fears
Abrupt conclusion to all our years
Still touchable but no one hears
They carry on hypnotised inside

Title The Touchables
Songwriter   Philip Oakey, Martyn Ware, Ian Craig Marsh and Philip Adrian Wright
Vocalist   John von Ahlen
Backing Vocals    
Production #   219
Engineer   Juan del Toro
Producer   John von Ahlen
Dedicated to   Ruby Wax
Studio   Subterrane Recording Studio
Software   Cubase
Instruments   Linn Drum LM1, Fairlight CMI IIx, Arturia Matrix Brute, Moog Voyager II, Roland Jupiter 4 and Jupiter 8, Oberheim OBX-a, Sequential Circuits Prophet 5.
Time   3:51
BPM   135
Copyright   Subterrane Records 2023
Appears on   Available only on Bandcamp SubscriptionsParralox - Travelogue (Album)Parralox - The Touchables (Single)Parralox - Demos and Rarities - Volume 3 (Album)Parralox - Demos and Rarities - Volume 3 (Limited Edition CD)
Additional Info:

Recorded for our cover of the classic Travelogue album, which The Human League originally released in 1979.
Released on Compact Disc on conzoom Records. The Deluxe Edition includes 3 Limited Edition CDs.

Sunday 9th of August 2257 hours.
I finished rock n Roll / Nightclubbing and had dinner and watched a few episodes of Deep Dpace Nine.
Then I had a second wind and went back into the studio and started work on this track.
As always, it's tempomapping and arrangement.
The songs on Travelogue and reallly fast and really slow, so it's a challenge to make them fit with contemporary styles, which is kind of good because it's forcing me to be creative.
I get the feeling I want to do something different with this one, but time will tell.
Background visuals: The Prisoner (1967), Kolchak The Night Stalker.

Monday the 10th of August 2005 hours.
OMG I got the phonie call this morning. I was officially offered a position as Hospital After Hours Coordinator. I am so excited and thrilled. It's such amazing news. It really all feels surreal.
I spent half the day on the phone again, talking to Sharyn, Angus (multiple times again), Paula, Kirsten, Annette, Costa and Chris.
I started work on V2 at around 1630 hours and finished the arrangement. I was trying to get a vibe for the song and out of nowhere I thought that Yazoo - Nobodys Diary style drums and bass would sound interesting.
So I finished the musical arrangement and programmed a similar beat and bassline and I think it works.
Then at 1820 hours I started recording BVs and finished them all around 1900 hours. I was going to call it a day, but thought I may as well record the lead vocals, which I did.
So now it's 2009 hours and I'm writing these notes as V2 is printing. I think that's just about it for the song. I just need to do some tidying up of the vocals as I can hear a few clicks and pops. I might add some arpeggios in the prechorus, but the song is really 98% done. Which is good because I really want to get at least one song a day done this week.
If I spent more than 2 days per song it's going to blow out the production time, and Ingo wants to start pre-ordering next week.
OMG I just remembered that Costa is going to make a Greek Lasagna for me this week.
I feel so blessed. So much good news today.
As always, my darling Jack is sitting on my lap as I type this. Actually, he was sitting on my lap the whole time I was recording vocals.
Background visuals: Deep Space Nine, Doctor Who (The Robots of Death)

Tuesday the 11th of August. 1730 hours.
Felt like I should keep going with the song as I really wanted to push it to the next level, so I added a bunch more BVs.
I imagined what it would have been like if Martin Rushent had produced Travelogue in 1981 instead of Colin Thurston.
So I took some liberties and added some extra BVs in the prechorus. It really brings out the emotion in the song, and makes me realise how underrated it is. They really could have released it as a single. I hope the fans agree when they hear the final version.
As I was mucking around doing the mix I noticed how good it sounded without drums, so I printed an "Ambient" version without the kick and snare. It really lets you hear all the detail in the song. I might include that as another bonus track. Or possiblly rework the ambient version as a proper mix in itself.
Background visuals: Alien (Director's Cut), The Twilight Zone (1953)

Wednesday the 12th of August. 1014 hours.
Was on the phone with Paula for an hour this morning, just chatting about SVHOP HAHC etc.
I wanted to start the day doing a new Travelogue track, but it was just playing on my mind about the mix for The Touchables. So I'm in the studio now doing a few final tweaks.
Namely the synth riff that starts in the intro. It was way too loud in V3.
I think the music mix is balanced really well now, so I might use this as a template for Marianne, even though I've already started that track. I guess I will have to scrap it and start again. C'est la vie!
Background visuals while working in the studio: The Outer Limits (1963)



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