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Parralox - The Black Hit Of Space

The Black Hit Of Space

Written by Ian Craig Marsh, Phil Oakey, Martyn Ware & Philip Adrian Wright

Verse 1
Been out all night, I needed a bite
I thought I'd put a record on
I reached for the one with the ultra-modern label
And wondered where the light had gone
It had a futuristic cover lifted straight from Buck Rogers
The record was so black it had to be a con
The auto-changer switched as I filled my sandwich
And futuristic sounds warbled off and on

The Black Hit of Space
It's the one without a face
It's the one that doesn't fit
You can only see the flip
The Black Hit of Space
Sucking in the human race
How can it stay at the top?
When it's swallowed all the shops!

Verse 2
As the song climbed the charts
The others disappeared
Till there was nothing but it left to buy
It got to number one
Then into minus figures
Though nobody could understand why

Repeat Chorus

I couldn't stand this bland sound any more so I walked towards my deck to turn it off
All I could see was the b-side of the disc
Which had assumed a doughnut shape with the label on the outside rim
I reached for the arm which was less than one micron long
But weighed more than Saturn and time stood still
I knew I had to escape but every time I tried to flee, the record was in front of me

Chorus 2
The Black Hit of Space
Get James Burke on the case
It's the hit that's never gone
Time stops when you put it (on)

Title The Black Hit Of Space
Songwriter   Ian Craig Marsh, Phil Oakey, Martyn Ware & Philip Adrian Wright
Vocalist   John von Ahlen
Production #   163
Engineer   Juan del Toro
Producer   John von Ahlen
Dedicated to   Tilda Swinton
Studio   Subterrane Recording Studio
Software   Cubase VST, Cubase 5, Soundforge
Instruments   Linn Drum, Fairlight CMI IIx, Jupiter 4, Halion
Time   4:54
BPM   85.75
Copyright   Subterrane Records 2024
Appears on   Download Parralox - The Black Hit of Space V6 (Acapella) - available only on Parralox Bandcamp SubscriptionsParralox - Holiday '18 (Album)Parralox - Demos and Rarities - Volume 1 (Promotional CD)Parralox - Demos and Rarities - Volume 1 (EP)Parralox - Travelogue (Album)Parralox - The Black Hit of Space (Single)
Additional Info:

First track recorded for Holiday '17, but it was not included on that album. It eventually found its way onto Holiday '18.

Then later recorded for our cover of the classic Travelogue album, which The Human League originally released in 1980.

Released on Compact Disc on conzoom Records. The Deluxe Edition includes 3 Limited Edition CDs.



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