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Parralox - Oblivion



Written by John von Ahlen

Verse 1
I climb to the of top of a mountain
I look from above and all I see
The creatures below multiplying
What can we do when we cannot see?

Pre Chorus
All of the dreams you feared
You fear
I'll help you see them clear
So clear

I'm dreaming of oblivion
Making plans for all mankind
Come with me
I'm sure you'll see
A better life is waiting for you

Verse 2

I want to believe but I'm frightened
I want to see things as I know they could be
I fear it's too late, we should go now
There may be no chance for recovery

Repeat Chorus

A better life is waiting for you
Waiting for you
A better life is waiting for you
Waiting for you

Title Oblivion
Songwriter   John von Ahlen
Vocalist   John von Ahlen
Production #   083
Engineer   Juan del Toro
Producer   John von Ahlen
Dedicated to   Henri Matisse
Studio   Subterrane Recording Studio
Software   Cubase
Instruments   DX7, Nexus, FM7, Halion, Jupiter 4
Time   4:47
BPM   106
Copyright   Subterrane Records 2019
Appears on   Available only on Bandcamp SubscriptionsThe Sound Of The CrowdParralox - Electric Nights (Single)
Additional Info:
Written on 13th of September, 2011 @ 0100 hours for the new Parralox album Aeronaut, although Amii declined to sing the track at the time.




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