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Parralox - Marianne


Written by Philip Oakey, Martyn Ware and Ian Craig Marsh.

I take one look at you
It leaves me breathless
I see your dream's come true
You're not so restless
Or light, or bright

One day I might not care
What happens to me
Your lack of sympathy fails to disturb me
I've got a life of my own

I remember the day I thought we couldn't lose
Running round the garden in your mother's shoes

Playing with your sisters
And bringing me tea
On a cold autumn day
When the car had broken down

The best of my girls
But you give it all away
Leaving me on my own at home

I didn't see you were a grown up girl
But is it life in a grown up world
Is it life? Someone's wife

Oh how I hate the, the celebration
I can't wait for the end of the celebration

Add it up, all that's left is the space in a life
That goes on as before

One day I might not care
What happens to me
Your lack of sympathy fails to disturb me
I've got a life of my own

Add it up, all that's left is the space in a life, that goes on as before
Add it up, all that's left is us facing a life, that goes on as before
Add it up, all that's left is us facing a life, that goes on as before
Add it up, all that's left is us facing a life, at the end of the world

Title Marianne
Songwriter   Philip Oakey, Martyn Ware and Ian Craig Marsh
Vocalist   John von Ahlen
Backing Vocals    
Production #   216
Engineer   Juan del Toro
Producer   John von Ahlen
Dedicated to   Seth MacFarlane
Studio   Subterrane Recording Studio
Software   Cubase
Instruments   Linn Drum LM1, Fairlight CMI IIx, Arturia Matrix Brute, Moog Voyager II, Roland Jupiter 4 and Jupiter 8, Oberheim OBX-a, Sequential Circuits Prophet 5.
Time   3:42
BPM   130
Copyright   Subterrane Records 2023
Appears on   Available only on Bandcamp SubscriptionsParralox - Travelogue (Album)Parralox - Marianne (Single)Parralox - Demos and Rarities - Volume 3 (Album)Parralox - Demos and Rarities - Volume 3 (Limited Edition CD)
Additional Info:

Recorded for our cover of the classic Travelogue album, which The Human League originally released in 1979.
Released on Compact Disc on conzoom Records. The Deluxe Edition includes 3 Limited Edition CDs.

Sunday the 19th of July, 2020. 
Song production started at 1030 hours for V1. I used a remix of FGTH as inspiration. An edited version of Demo V1 was included on the Radio Plus 3rd Anniversary Radio show, special thanks to host Oren Amram.

Wednesday the 12th of August, 2020. Notes written at 1658 hours.
What a day. I finished V4 of The Touchables.
Spoke to Paula for an hour. Sharyn picked up Jack in the morning.
I recorded two Neon Nights shows with Costa, for this week and next week.
Just did a post abou Heart Like a Wheel, and now I started Marianne.
I used the skeleton of the Touchables as I thought it would be a good starting point.
I had already done the arrangement for this song in V1 of Marianne, but I've scrapped that production and begun it from new for v2.
I did the basic arrangement for the whole song with just drums and bass and started to lay down a guide vocal.
Then I hit a roadblock. the Middle 8 vocals.
I could swear seeing a lyric sheet for the actual vocals sung in the triple harmony section, but the only thing that comes close to an official lyric sheet is the Holiday '80 Japenese Pressing which has an inlay with lyrics, which is totally wrong.
So figured them all out and THEN I remembered they were also included on the vinyl LP insert, so I double checked that and they match up with what I heard. Dammit, I could have saved myself a lot of trouble.
But I guess I needed to do a deconstruction of that vocal section anyway.
Angus just texted, but I will call him tonight when I finish in the studio.
I also heard from Mike and Nicole and will also message them later.
Background visuals: The Orville.

Update at 1912 hours.
Sharyn dropped off Jack at 1800 hours, and then I spoke to Michael T on the phone.
I came back inside and had a second wind and recorded all the vocals for the track. Figured I may as well knock it on the head and get them done.
Background visuals: Blake's 7




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