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Parralox - Life Is Calling  

Life Is Calling

(John von Ahlen)

Verse 1
And so life began, so long ago
Or so it seems, though no one can know

Pre Chorus
All around the world you hear the people cry
"Fire in the sky now! Fire in the sky!"
All of the people all around the world
Come to life now
Hear me

Don't you feel it
Life is calling
Filled with secrets
Life is calling

Verse 2
I see the stars in union sublime
The light hits my eyes
With empires expired

Title Life Is Calling
Songwriter John von Ahlen
Vocalist John von Ahlen
Production # 082
Engineer Juan del Toro
Producer John von Ahlen
Dedicated to Leonardo da Vinci
Studio Subterrane Recording Studio
Software Cubase VST, Cubase 5, Soundforge
Instruments Jupiter 6, Omnisphere, Halion, Pro One
Copyright Subterrane Records 2019
Additional Info NB - This song was originally written for Parralox.
It appears on The Sound Of The Crowd - Life Is Calling album (John von Ahlen's side project)
Appears on

The Sound Of The Crowd

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