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Wildlife (Remixes)

Digital Download - Released 29th January, 2016.
PLOX020-RMX. Subterrane Records.

Parralox - Wildlife (Remixes)

  01   Wildlife   (Extended)   3:37   106 BPM  
  02   Wildlife   (7th Heaven Club Mix)   6:25      
  03   Wildlife   (7th Heaven Radio Edit)   3:57      
  04   Wildlife   (People Theatre's Range Mix)   4:50      
  05   Wildlife   (People Theatre's Range Dub And Dance Mix)   4:57      
  06   Wildlife   (Oren Amram Wild Remix)   3:48      
  07   Wildlife   (Talion Law Remix)   6:35      
  08   Wildlife   (Your Silent Face Remix)   5:43      
  09   Wildlife   (Analogue Solutions Vintage Warmer Mix)   4:50      
  10   Wildlife   (Analogue Solutions Dub Mix)   7:14      
  11   Wildlife   (Acapella)   3:10      
  12   Somebody II       5:42      
  13   Somebody II   (Remix)   5:32      
  14   Somebody II   (Remix II)   4:38      
  15   Somebody II   (Mi Disguise Extended Remix)   4:41      
  16   Somebody II   (SIRPAUL Remix)   4:41      
  17   Somebody II   (Midnight Resistance Remix)   5:37      
  18   Somebody II   (People Theatre s Impatience Mix)   5:54      
  19   Somebody II   (Mike Jolly Radio Edit)   3:58      
  20   Somebody II   (Julian Marsh Remix)   4:35      
  21   Somebody II   (Julian Marsh Extended Remix)   7:32      
  22   Somebody II   (Jose Jimenez Extended Mix)   6:31      
  23   Somebody II   (Jose Jimenez Radio Mix)   5:38      
  24   Somebody II   (Joe Gillan Out There Mix)   5:58      
  25   Somebody II   (Acapella)   4:49      
  26   Do You Feel What I Feel   (The Talion Law Delight Mix)   8:30      
  27   Do You Feel What I Feel   (Acapella)   2:41      
  28   Atmosphere   (Alone-Mix by Zoon Politicon)   5:47      
  29   Voyager   (Instrumental)   4:24      
  30   Voyager   (Acapella)   3:26      
  31   Rocket Science   (Instrumental)   4:31      
  32   Rocket Science   (Acapella)   4:07      
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Producer - John von Ahlen
Engineer - Juan del Toro
Synthesizer - John von Ahlen
Vocals - John von Ahlen
Written by - John von Ahlen
Original track appears on - The Parralox album "Aeronaut" 2015

Recorded at Subterrane Recording Studio

Additional Information: Wildlife (Remixes) is a double A-Side with the track Somebody II.
Originally written for Parralox back in 2012, this was first released by The Sound Of The Crowd. With the track being included on the Parralox Album "Aeronaut" it seems fitting for this to be the final single released from that album.

* The double A-Side release features a collection of remixes from the S0belNation Group in USA, including remixers SIRPAUL, Joe Gillan, Jose Jimenez, MiDisguise, Midnight Resistance, Mike Jolly, People Theatre and Talion Law.

* The Parralox Remixes CD-R was only available when purchased with the Wildlife CD through conzoom Records.
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