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Parralox - I Sing The Body Electric (2011)

I Sing The Body Electric (Single)

Subterrane Records. PLOX 08
Digital Download - Released March 9, 2011.

conzoom Records. CRCD PLOX 08.
Compact Disc - Released March 9, 2011.

  01   I Sing The Body Electric (Radio)   Parralox   3.28   113.6 BPM  
  02   I Sing The Body Electric (Extended)   Parralox   6.40   113.6 BPM  
  03   I Sing The Body Electric (Angeltheory Remix)   Parralox   4.05   113.6 BPM  
  04   I Sing The Body Electric (Zynic Remix)   Parralox   3.46   113.6 BPM  
  05   I Sing The Body Electric (Lustobjekt Remix)   Parralox   5.45   113.6 BPM  
  06   Miracles (Tycho Brahe GM85 12 Inch)   Parralox   7.32   120 BPM  
  07   Love Is Enough (Code 64 Remix Edit)   Parralox   4.36   128 BPM  
  08   Acrimony (Neverendless Remix)   Parralox   6.02   100 BPM  
  09   In The Night (East Village Remix)   Parralox   4.52   128 BPM  
  10   Footsteps (The Talion Law Midnight Mix)   Parralox   5.56   103 BPM  
  11   Time (People Theatre's Blessing Mix)   Parralox   5.45   116 BPM  
  12   Machines (Dubstar Remix - Part One & Two)   Parralox   8.14   113 BPM  
  13   Breakdown On East 13th Street (NYC Remix)   Parralox   4.30   116 BPM  

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Parralox - I Sing The Body Electric (Jewel Case)


Studio Notes:
Chorus written on 01/05/2009 after I was reading some Isaac Asimov Stories (Caves Of Steel).
128 BPM then changed to 113.60

Verse + Pre Chorus later written 25th March 2010 0100hrs

Chorus chords
Bm / A / F#m / G
Bm / A / F#m / F / F
I sing the body electric
I sing the body electric

Song Info:
Dedicated to Eurythmics
Catalogue - PLOX 08 / CRCD PLOX 08
Producer - John von Ahlen
Engineer - Juan del Toro
Synthesizer - John von Ahlen
Vocals - Amii & John.
Written by - John von Ahlen.
Production Number - 030
Recorded at Subterrane Recording Studio

Cover Artwork:
Graphic Design & Photography - John von Ahlen.
CGI - Tubes (Lightwave) - John von Ahlen.
CGI - Robotic Body (3DS Max) - David Charles.

Music Video:
Filmed with the Canon EOS 5D Mark II in Victoria, Australia.
Edited using Adobe Premiere, After Effects & Photoshop.
Colour Correction by Magic Bullet Looks.
Special FX c/o Twixtor.

Filmed on location at:
Hanging Rock (9th of February, 2011)
Lauriston Reservoir (9th of February, 2011)
90 Mile Beach (10th of February 2011)
Morwell Rose Garden (10th of February)

Makeup : MAC
Cleopatra Gown : Costume Factory, Melbourne
Wigs : Steven Monroe

Additional Info:
The first half of the music video was shot on location at Hanging Rock, the same location used by Peter Weir in the classic Australian movie "Picnic at Hanging Rock". If you haven't seen that movie, then you must really check it out. The other location shot on the same day was Lauriston Reservoir, which my family used to visit when I was a youngster. Back in those days you could cross the dam and venture into the Pine Forest and collect Butter Mushroom. I hated the mushrooms, but I loved the forest!
On the second day we shot at 90 Mile Beach, which is a renowned beach in Australia, mainly for it's lovely sand and endless stretch of beach. You can't really tell, but it was over 40 degrees Celsius and both Amii and I were nearly passing out. Amii moreso because of that damn cape she had to wear!
We also stopped in Morwell when we found a lovely Rose Garden. We didn't use any of the Morwell footage in this video, but we did use it for our "Enjoy the Silence" video.

Compact disc released on conzoom records GMBH. 

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