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Aeronaut (EP)

Compact Disc.
Released on April 24, 2015.
conzoom Records. CRCD PLOX 15

Parralox - Aeronaut EP
  01   Aeronaut
  128 BPM  
  02   Solid State       03:22      
  03   Miranda       05:50      
  04   Together       03:03      
  05   Do You Feel What I Feel       03:20      
  06   Aeronaut       07:27      
  07   Aeronaut   (Extended)   06:24      
  08   Aeronaut   (Paul Boddy Remix)   06:19      
  09   Somebody II   (People Theatre's Capsule Mix Extended)   05:42      
  10   Aeronaut   (Dave Foreman Remix)   03:51      
  11   Aeronaut   (The Talion Law Flying Soul Mix)   08:30      
  12   Aeronaut   (Caesar Gergess & Alain Daniel Interstellar Long Edit)   08:00       
CD Jewel Case - Parralox - Aeronaut
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Producer - John von Ahlen
Engineer - Juan del Toro
Vocals - John von Ahlen
Backing vocals - Johanna Gervin
Written by - John von Ahlen

Photography - John Ibrahim
Sleeve Design / CGI - John von Ahlen

Director - John von Ahlen
Creative Director - John Ibrahim
Editor - John von Ahlen
Assistant - Emil Rockerfeller

Recorded at Subterrane Recording Studio

Additional Information:
The Music Video was shot on location in Paris, France in September 2014.
Including iconic locations such as Hôtel DeVille, Musée du Louvre, Jardin des Tuileries, Pont Alexandre III & Petit Palais.

℗ 2023 Subterrane Records
© 2023 Tunecore Publishing


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Parralox - Aeronaut (Music Video)
Parralox - Wildlife (Music Video)
Parralox - Do You Feel What I Feel (Music Video)
Parralox - Companion (Music Video)
Aeronaut Wildlife Do You Feel What I Feel Companion
Parralox - Solid State (Music Video)
Parralox - Somebody II (Music Video)
Parralox - Together (Music Video)
Parralox - Atmosphere (Music Video)
Solid State Somebody II Together Atmosphere
Parralox - Wrong or Right (Music Video)
Parralox - Miranda (Music Video)
Parralox - Mystery (Music Video)
Parralox - Zero (Music Video)
Wrong or Right Miranda Mystery Zero

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Parralox - Aeronaut (Music Video)
Parralox - Blank Image (Music Video) Parralox - Blank Image (Music Video) Parralox - Blank Image (Music Video)
Parralox - Aeronaut (Rich B & Phil Marriott Remix) (Music Video)
Parralox - Aeronaut (Paul Boddy Remix) (Music Video)
Parralox - Aeronaut (Northern Kind Remix) (Music Video)
Parralox - Aeronaut (Original Mix) (Music Video)
(Rich B & Phil Marriott Remix)
(Paul Boddy Remix)
(Dancing with Ruby Remix)
(Original Mix)
Parralox - Aeronaut (Mi Disguise Remix) (Music Video)
Parralox - Aeronaut (The Diversion Comittee Remix) (Music Video)
Parralox - Aeronaut (People Theatre's Capsule Remix) (Music Video)
Parralox - Aeronaut (Talion Law's Flying Soul Remix) (Music Video)
(Mi Disguise Remix)
(The Diversion Comittee Remix)
(People Theatre's Capsule Remix)
(Talion Law's Flying Soul Remix)
Parralox - Aeronaut (Will Alonso's Future Remix) (Music Video)
Parralox - Aeronaut (Dave Foreman Remix) (Music Video)
Parralox - Aeronaut (Your Silent Face Remix) (Music Video)
Parralox - Aeronaut (Caesar Gergess Remix) (Music Video)
(Will Alonso's Future Remix)
(Dave Foreman Remix)
(Your Silent Face Remix)
(Caesar Gergess Remix)