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CD Paper Case - Remix Series - Talion Law
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Remix Series - Talion Law (Promotional Copy)

conzoom Records. PLOX 25 LTD2.
CDr - Released June 22, 2018.

  01   Parralox   Sharper Than A Knife (The Talion Law A Seed Of Love Mix) ***   8.08   122 BPM  
  02   Parralox   Aeronaut (The Talion Law Flying Soul Mix)   8.30   128 BPM  
  03   Parralox   Beautiful World (Talion Law Remix)   7.04   106 BPM  
  04   Parralox   Do You Feel What I Feel (The Talion Law Delight Mix Demo) ***   8.31   124 BPM  
  05   Parralox   Eye In The Sky (The Talion Law Optical Radio Mix)   3.50   127 BPM  
  06   Parralox   Footsteps (The Talion Law Midnight Mix)   5.53   102 BPM  
  07   Parralox   I Am Human (Talion Law Remix)   6.49   120 BPM  
  08   Parralox   Sharper Than A Knife (The Talion Law Dead Slow Mix)   6.15   124 BPM  
  09   Parralox   Wildlife (Talion Law Remix)   6.33   124 BPM  
  10   Parralox   Time (The Talion Law Velvet Mix) ***   5.18   120 BPM  

Catalogue - CRCD PLOX25 LTD2
Producer - John von Ahlen
Engineer - Juan del Toro
Synthesizer - John von Ahlen
Vocals - Amii, John & Roxy.

Written by
- John von Ahlen (1-4, 6-10)
Written by - Alan Parsons, Eric Woolfson (5)

Remixed by - Talion Law (Lyon, France)

Originally Recorded at Subterrane Recording Studio

Photography & Design - John von Ahlen
Creative Director - Steve Monroe
Camera Assistant - Rodney Dekker
Makeup Artist - Stephanie Elkington
Wigs & Couture - Steve Monroe
Wig Assistant - Joffrey
Costumes - Faux Fur supplied by GunShy Designs / Kathryn Jamieson (from the Hollywood Collection 2017)
Props - Oil Paintings courtesy of Raffaella Torrenson
Props - Chaise Lounge courtesy of The Prop Store. Spotswood, Victoria, Australia
Location - Blue Tree Studios. Port Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.

Music Video Credits - Paradise feat Marcella Detroit
Marcella Detroit as Elsa B
John von Ahlen as Valentine X
Director - John von Ahlen
Creative Director - Steve Monroe

Shot in HD with Canon 5DMKIII
Edited with Adobe After Effects, Adobe Premiere and Magic Bullet Looks.

Additional Information: Released as a Promotional CDr with the Paradise feat Marcella Detroit- Limited Edition 4 CD Bundle, conzoom Records! Copies are also available from Lexermusic.

Talion Law has remixed nearly every major Parralox release. In the spirit of John Water's and his Dreamland Cast and Crew, Parralox has a family of remixers including Will Alonso, Talion Law & People Theatre.

℗ 2023 Subterrane Records
© 2023 Tunecore Publishing

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