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Parralox - Remix Series - Volume 2 (2017)
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Remix Series - People Theatre

Subterrane Records. PLOX 024
Digital Download - Released December 8, 2017.

  01   Isn't It Strange (People Theatre's Snowball Remix)   Parralox   4.40   127 BPM  
  02   Isn't It Strange (People Theatre's Snowball Remix Extended)   Parralox   5.17   127 BPM  
  03   When The Walls Came Tumbling Down (People Theatre's Born Again Mix)   Parralox   4.59   128 BPM  
  04   Time (People Theatre's Blessing Mix)   Parralox   5.42   128 BPM  
  05   Promised Land (People Theatre's Diamond Mix)   Parralox   6.06   128 BPM  
  06   Somebody II (People Theatre’s Impatience Mix)   Parralox   5.52   128 BPM  
  07   Somebody II (People Theatre’s Impatience Mix Instrumental Vocoder) *   Parralox   5.54   128 BPM  
  08   Wildlife (People Theatre's Range Mix)   Parralox   4.48   128 BPM  
  09   Wildlife (People Theatre's Range Dub And Dance Mix)   Parralox   4.56   128 BPM  
  10   Aeronaut (People Theatre’s Capsule Mix)   Parralox   4.45   128 BPM  
  11   Aeronaut (People Theatre’s Capsule Mix Extended)   Parralox   6.19   128 BPM  
  12   Eye In The Sky (People Theatre's Glass Mix)   Parralox   4.09   128 BPM  
  13   A Little Respect (People Theatre’s War Mix)   Parralox   3.57   128 BPM  
  14   Electric Nights (People Theatre's Cable Remix)   Parralox   5.32   128 BPM  
  15   Electric Nights (People Theatre's Cable Remix Instrumental) *   Parralox   5.35   128 BPM  
    * previously unreleased              

Catalogue - CRCD PLOX24 LTD2
Producer - John von Ahlen
Engineer - Juan del Toro
Synthesizer - John von Ahlen
Vocals - Amii, John & Johanna.

Written by
- John von Ahlen (1-11)
Written by - Alan Parsons, Eric Woolfson (12)
Written by - Clarke, Bell (13)
Written by - Rowena Martin, John von Ahlen, Johnny X (14-15)

Remixed by - People Theatre aka Peter Rainman (Paris, France)

Originally Recorded at Subterrane Recording Studio

Photography & Design - John von Ahlen
Creative Director - Steve Monroe
Camera Assistant - Rodney Dekker
Makeup Artist - Stephanie Elkington
Wigs & Couture - Steve Monroe
Wig Assistant - Joffrey
Costumes - Faux Fur supplied by GunShy Designs / Kathryn Jamieson (from the Hollywood Collection 2017)
Props - Oil Paintings courtesy of Raffaella Torrenson
Props - Chaise Lounge courtesy of The Prop Store. Spotswood, Victoria, Australia
Location - Blue Tree Studios. Port Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.

Additional Information:

Holiday '17 - the 11th Parralox album, due for release in December 2017 on conzoom Records (Germany), and Subterrane Records (AUS).
The CD was issued as a Limited Edition of 150 copies and sold out within 48 hours of announcement!

℗ 2024 Subterrane Records
© 2024 Tunecore Publishing

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