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Parralox - Remix Series - Halo 1
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Remix Series - Halo

Digital Download. 
Released on 2nd September, 2022.
Subterrane Records. PLOX MEGA 20


01. Sharper than a Knife (Halo Remix)
02. Aeronaut (Halo Remix)
03. Electric Nights (Halo Remix)
04. Change of Heart (Halo Remix)
05. Pressure Point (Halo Remix)

Remixed by Kris Pierce aka Halo (New Jersey, USA)

Catalogue - PLOX MEGA20
Producer - John von Ahlen
Engineer - Juan del Toro
Synthesizer - John von Ahlen

Vocals - Louise Love (3, 9)
Vocals - John von Ahlen (1, 7)

Written by
- John von Ahlen

Recorded at Subterrane Recording Studio, Melbourne, Australia

Photography & Design - John von Ahlen

Additional Info from YouTube:
KRIS HALO PIERCE is a multi-award winning, genre-crossing producer with placements at Interscope, Viacom Media Networks, Sony Creative, What’s In-Store Music, Cleopatra Records, and Conzoom Records; just to name a few. He recently teamed up with SMP producer and ex-Front Line Assembly drummer, Jason Bazinet, to create the upcoming album, 'Artificial Breed,' which is best described as Avant-Pop, with the track, Midnight Dive, already logging 2 million+ spins overhead in most major retail stores in the USA. The album features guest appearances from members of William Orbit, M.I.A., and Peter Murphy, with remixes from Craig Joseph Huxtable, Seven Factor, and a host of others. He owns and operates Halo Askew Entertainment (BMI) - a multi-platform, boutique entertainment company based in New Jersey.


Also available on Parralox - Dubculture (Limited Edition) CD Bundle on conzoom records.


Pressure Point (Halo Remix)

Change of Heart (Halo Remix)

Electric Nights (Halo Remix)

Aeronaut (Halo Remix)

Sharper than a Knife (Halo Remix)

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