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Remix Series - DMT Berzerk

Digital Download. 
Released on November 23rd, 2018.
Subterrane Records. PLOX 026 LTD1

01. Ancient Times (DMT Berzerk Extended Remix)
02. Change of Heart (DMT Berzerk Extended Remix)
03. Hotter (DMT Berzerk Extended Remix)
04. Isn't it Strange (DMT Berzerk Extended Remix)
05. Sharper Than a Knife (DMT Berzerk Extended Remix)
06. So Special (DMT Berzerk Extended Remix)
07. Supermagic (DMT Berzerk Extended Remix)
08. The Hunger (DMT Berzerk Extended Remix)
09. Voyager (DMT Berzerk Extended Remix)

Remixed by DMT Berzerk aka Dimitri Berzerk (Mexico City, Mexico)

Catalogue - CRCD PLOX26 LTD1
Producer - John von Ahlen
Engineer - Juan del Toro
Synthesizer - John von Ahlen

Vocals - Roxy (5)
Vocals - Amii (1, 3, 5, 6, 7, 8)
Vocals - Louise Love (9)
Vocals - John von Ahlen (1, 2, 3, 4, 8)

Written by
- John von Ahlen

Recorded at Subterrane Recording Studio

Photography & Design - John von Ahlen
Creative Director - Steve Monroe
Camera Assistant - Rodney Dekker
Makeup Artist - Stephanie Elkington
Wigs & Couture - Steve Monroe
Wig Assistant - Joffrey
Costumes - Faux Fur supplied by GunShy Designs / Kathryn Jamieson (from the Hollywood Collection 2017)
Props - Oil Paintings courtesy of Raffaella Torrenson
Props - Chaise Lounge courtesy of The Prop Store. Spotswood, Victoria, Australia
Location - Blue Tree Studios. Port Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.