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Parralox - Holiday '14

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Holiday '14

Digital Download - PLOX018
Limited Edition CDR - PLOX-LTD-001
Released November 29, 2014. Subterrane Records

01   Little Drum Machine Boy   3:30   (Simeone/Davis/Onorati)   80 BPM
02   With a Little Love   5:00   (Ottaviano)    
03   You've Lost That Loving Feeling   6:47   (Spector/Mann/Weil)   101.8 BPM
04   The Path of Least Resistance   4:17   (Oakey/Ware/Marsh)    
05   The Word Before Last   4:01   (Oakey/Ware/Marsh)    
06   Shadow   7:17   (John von Ahlen)    

Holiday '14

Limited Edition CD (CDCR-PLOX-18).
Released November 27, 2015. conzoom Records

Parralox - Holiday '14
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Additional Information:

Released November 29 2014. A new annual tradition for Parralox, including holiday songs and cover versions of our favourite bands.
Little Drum Machine Boy is our take on "Little Drummer Boy" with lashings of vocoder.
With A Little Love was originally performed by American Synthpop band Book of Love.
You've Lost That Loving Feeling, The Path Of Least Resistance and The Word Before Last were originally performed by The Human League and appear on their totally brilliant album 'Reproduction'.
Shadow is an original Parralox composition. Another version of this song exists with Ulla Kruse reciting dialogue in German, regarding the Taoist story of the Complete Harp.


Due to popular demand we will be pressing another 50 copies via conzoom Records.
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Each CD is personally signed by Parralox
Price £15.00 (includes postage)

Parralox - Holiday '14 (Limited Edition Compact Disc)

01 Matt Dale   26 Gerrit Marx
02 Raj Rudolph   27 Stefan Syntaren
03 Simon Helm   28 Gary Buckden
04 Johanna Gervin   29 Tomi Sientola
05 Francine   30 Carl Woodings
06 Trevor Newman   31 Franky Triebsch
07 Thomas Kelly   32 Nate Thompson
08 Danny King   33 Simon Oliver
09 David Wallin   34 Iain Tough
10 Mike McSwiggin   35 Raymond Roth
11 Andy Whelan   36 Brettt Hillier
12 Gareth Pugh   37 Fredrik Erlandsson
13 Onix Mercado   38 Thomas Horn
14 Russell Hawkins   39 Frank Paglianite
15 Steve Bateman   40 Marco Walther
16 Marc Wachholz   41 Paul Niedernhofer
17 Scott Bruce   42 Kenneth Holm
18 Gary Westwell   43 Ed Straetemans
19 Simon Webster   44 Stéphane Chaussignand
20 James Rhodes   45 David Lowenstein
21 Olaf Phillips   46 Ingvar Sjögren
22 Eric Alexander Tjore   47 Anders Karlson
23 Loz Harris   48 Jack von Ahlen
24 Alan Grey   49 Marlin Dobbs smiley
25 Jon Baker   50 John von Ahlen

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