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Discography - Extended Plays

A list of official Parralox Extended Plays (EPs) in chronological order.

Hotter · I Am Human · Sharper than a Knife · Isn't it Strange · Supermagic · I Sing the Body Electric · Creep · Sharper than a Knife (2012) · Enjoy the Silence · Silent Morning feat Ryan Adames · Eye in the Sky · Eye in the Sky (Remixes) · Crying on the Dancefloor feat Francine · Crying on the Dancefloor feat Francine (Remixes) · Aeronaut · Aeronaut (Remixes) · Wildlife · Wildlife (Remixes) · Electric Nights · Electric Nights (Remixes) · Paradise feat Marcella Detroit · Paradise feat Marcella Detroit (Remixes) · Change of Heart · Change of Heart (Remixes) · Goodbye Berlin · Goodbye Berlin (Remixes)
Electricity · State Of Decay · Metropolis · Recovery · Holiday ‘15 · Aeronaut · Holiday ‘16 · Reproduction · Holiday ‘17 · Subculture · Holiday ‘18 · Genesis · Holiday '19
Extended Plays
Holiday '14 · Remix Series - Will Alonso · Remix Series - People Theatre · Remix Series - Talion Law · Remix Series - Talion Law 2 · Remix Series - DMT Berzerk Singles
Megamix 2008
Aeronaut (Promotional)
conzoom · Electronically Yours ·
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