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Ultimix 196 (2013)

Digital Download & Compact Disc. Released on July 29th, 2013.

Ultimix 196 - featuring Parralox   01   Wake Me Up   5:44   Avicii   Mix by Brian Roche   124 BPM
  02   Things Can Only Get Better   5:50   Cedric Gervais f. Howard Jones   Mix by Varsity Team   128 BPM
  03   Back Off B***h   5:26   Static Revenger f. Kay   Mix by Stacy Mier   125 BPM
  04   Crazy Kids   5:55   Ke$ha f.   Mix by Mark Roberts   128 BPM
  05   Made In USA   4:32   Demi Lovato   Mix by DJ Rix   88 BPM
  06   Chasing Shadows   5:50   Jamie Drastik f. Havana Brown & Pitbull   Mix by DJ Rix   125 BPM
  07   Woman's World   5:31   Cher   Mix by Bobby Rooke   128 BPM
  08   It's You   4:35   Duck Sauce   Mix by Strobe   128 BPM
  09   Silent Morning (ULTI-reMIX)   5:23   Parralox f. Ryan Adames   Mix by Dark Intensity   128 BPM
  10   Live For The Night   5:55   Krewella   Mix by Mig   128 BPM
  11   Still Into You (ULTI-reMIX)   5:59   Paramore   Mix by Dark Intensity   128 BPM
  12   Satisfaction   4:36   Crew 7   Mix by Stacy Mier   128 BPM
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Parralox - Silent Morningfeat Ryan Adames (Lyric Video)
Parralox - Silent Morning feat Ryan Adames (Music Video)
Parralox - Blank Image (Music Video) Parralox - Blank Image (Music Video)
Silent Morning feat Ryan Adamés
(Lyric Video)
Silent Morning
feat Ryan Adamés
Parralox - Silent Morning (Cherry Cherry Boom Boom Remix) (Music Video)
Parralox - Silent Morning (John von Ahlen's Deep House Remix) (Music Video)
Parralox - Silent Morning (Naked Highway Remix) (Music Video)
Parralox - Silent Morning 
(Vanguard's Desire Remix) (Music Video)
Silent Morning
(Cherry Cherry Boom Boom Remix)
Silent Morning
(John von Ahlen's Deep House Remix)
Silent Morning
(Naked Highway Remix)
Silent Morning
(Vanguard's Desire Remix)
Parralox - Silent Morning 
(Neuropa's Chastity Remix) (Music Video)
Parralox - Silent Morning 
(Mickey Garcia New Style Mix) (Music Video)
Parralox - Silent Morning 
(John von Ahlen's Meltdown Remix) (Music Video)
Parralox - Silent Morning (Dark Intensity Remix) feat Ryan Adames (Music Video)
Silent Morning
(Neuropa's Chastity Remix)
Silent Morning
(Mickey Garcia New Style Mix)
Silent Morning
(John von Ahlen's Meltdown Remix)
Silent Morning
(Dark Intensity Ultimix)

Producer - John von Ahlen
Engineer - Juan del Toro
Synthesizer - John von Ahlen
Vocals - Amii
Written by - New Order

Graphic Design - John von Ahlen

Recorded at Subterrane Recording Studio

Additional Information:
Available only via subscription via Ultimix -
Text from the Ultimix Website " Back in 1986, Les Massengale and Brad Hinkle who were local DJs in Greensboro, N.C. began what has become the longest-running promotional remix service for DJs. Way before the advent of CDs and digital MP3 files, Ultimix was originally only offered as a 3 vinyl record set. Soon after, Ultimix became the industry standard for DJs around the world. It was the keen programming of songs and creative mixing by Les, Brad and their team that made Ultimix a true pioneer in music promotion. Today, we still share the same commitment of offering creative and consistent remixes that put you, the DJ, in the spotlight.

Ultimix is a promotional tool for DJs who want an edge over their competition. Whether you're a mixshow, club or mobile jock, we've got something programmed specifically with you in mind. You can get the best remixes sent to you automatically as they are released. Or you can simply pick and choose the specific products that fit your needs.

We are all DJs at Ultimix and know what fellow DJs want and need. Simply put, Ultimix offers consistent, quality mixes of the top hits delivered in a timely and professional manner. We also turn you onto tracks that might just be breaking and will be big in the coming weeks. To do this, we work closely with our label partners and associates at radio.

But, as a valued client, we also want your voices to be heard and tune us into tracks that are working well in your particular region. Whether it's on our Ultimix Forum, Facebook page or here on our site, we provide you with a direct line of communication.

For those who have been with us since the beginning, we say Thank You. It's humbling to know we have loyal subscribers that are still in the DJ game after 25 years! Since then, formats and delivery methods for music may have changed, but Ultimix will continue to do what we all love to do—make music for DJs! "

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© 2024 Tunecore Publishing


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