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MITRA - Music for Nepal (2015)

Digital Download. Released June, 2015

MITRA - Music for Nepal   1.   Ryuichi Sakamoto   Kizuna World   05:04    
  2.   Gydja   Hymn for the Kumari   03:35    
  3.   Anni & Itchy   Climbing Mount Analogue (Kris Force mix)   06:02    
  4.   Shakespears Sister   Cold   04:02    
  5.   Paul Diello   Amaryllis   05:37    
  6.   Cronos Titan   The Creator   05:45    
  7.   Attrition   Hollow Latitudes (excerpt)   06:34    
  8.   Weltensprung b. Kaiserwetter   Kathmandu   03:14    
  9.   Raf and O   With Fatzer   04:29    
  10.   Bright Light Bright Light   Too Much (solo piano version)   04:30    
  11.   Parralox   Somebody II   05:42    
  12.   Matt Johnson/TheThe   Everybody Wants To Go To Heaven
(but nobody wants to die) (widescreen version)
  13.   Touching The Void   Inspiration   04:08    
  14.   In Mitra Medusa Inri   Papaverland   06:48    
  15.   Bonnacons of Doom   Bodhisattva Skanda   08:15    
  16.   Lux Interna   Nida   07:27    
  17.   Soundreamer Days   Hope   04:28    
  18.   Laurie Spiegel   Hall of Mirrors   04:22    
  19.   Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds   Push The Sky Away
(Live at the Fonda Theatre)
  20.   Phallus Dei   Vielleicht   06:00    
  21.   Amber Asylum   Autonomy Suite   04:44    
  22.   Anni & Itchy featuring Wolfgang Flur   Silk Paper on the Mountain (Kris Force mix)   04:34    
  23.   Ambrosia Parsley and The Elegant Too   Make Me Laugh   02:59    
  24.   Robert Solheim -   Just Cancelled That   04:45    
  25.   Dave Ball & Rick Mulhall -   Hybrid   03:51    
  26.   Kate Simko -   Cityscape   05:32    
  27.   Up Yours featuring FERAL is KINKY   London (Radio)   03:22    
  28.   Caged Baby   Don't Cry   05:05    
  29.   Joel Gilardini   Kabbalah Dub   06:59    
  30.   Jarboe   PARAMAHANSA   06:26    
  31.   Loretta Heywood   Bhavanyastakam   07:22    
  32.   Alone In The Hollow Garden   Torma   05:57    
  33.   Nam-Khar   Kallinchok pt 1   05:39    
  34.   Jo Quail   Adder Stone (video)   04:48    
  35.   Farmacia   Deseo   03:45    
  36.   Camilla Mathias   Sunt Româncă Part 1(Lyrics in Romanian)   01:27    
  37.   Mekon   Sleazy Says   03:30    
  38.   Naked Lunch   We Are   07:41    
  39.   Richard Strange   Shame On me   03:58    
  40.   Nociva Project   Luthrelax   06:01    
  41.   Kirlian Camera   Nightglory (John Fryer mix)   03:30    
  42.   Sonolgyst   Distant Illusion   02:21    
  43.   Shadow Biosphere   Parallel Evolution   03:48    
  44.   We Are Wrangler   Sequence on MCI   04:36    
  45.   Scanner   Monorocket Volt   04:41    
  46.   Katie Marne   Inside A Dream   03:43    
  47.   Billie Ray Martin   On Borrowed Time (take 1)   04:44    
  48.   Anni Hogan   Mother Goddess (Itchy Ear mix)   04:52    
  49.   Jeremy Reed and The Ginger Light   Grape Hyacinth   04:20    
  50.   Ursula 1000   Paradiso   04:52    
  51.   Steven Severin   Spell Figure   04:40    
  52.   <dE:mutE>   lāmō śānta nadī   06:05    
  53.   The Opiates   Silent Comes The Nightime Again   05:36    
  54.   DJ Angola featuring Nkemdi   Take Your Heart Out Dancing   05:15    
  55.   Kurt Baggaley   New Frontiers   06:43    
  56.   BJ Cole   Monolith   07:41    
  57.   Druhá Smrt   Dirge   06:57    
  58.   Caroline Jago   Rebirth   05:45    
  59.   Waterson   Souls   04:40    
  60.   Marcella Detroit with Scott & Hush   Better Day   03:17    
  61.   Jon Pleased Wimmin   The Music's Keeping me Alive   07:21    
  62.   Ashley Slater   World's Gone Crazy   04:09    
  63.   David Coulter & Sebastian Rochford   The Mountain Is Calling Now I Will Go   01:44    
  64.   Sarah Jane Morris   Feel Love   04:05    
  65.   Romeo's Daughter   Will Be   03:02    
  66.   The Fishkillers   Breath of Sagarmāthā   03:31    
  67.   Joe Ceng   Better Place   03:52    
  68.   Kid Congo & The Pink Monkey Birds   Su Su   04:14    
  69.   Rachelle Garniez & the Fortunate Few   Silly Me   04:39    
  70.   Angela McCluskey & Tobias Jesso   Slow Down   04:39    
  71.   James BL Hollands & Akoustik Timbre Frekuency   Into The Silence (Mallory mix)   05:25    
  72.   Rupert Lally & Espen J Jörgensen   Dreaming of White Light   03:42    
  73.   Simon Fisher Turner   Blue Live + 4 Nepal (excerpt)   02:37    
  74.   Ed Harcourt & Gita Langley   Meditation from Thais   04:19    
  75.   Caesar Gergess with The Dusk Wanderers   Cold Wind Town   05:42    
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Parralox - Somebody II (Music Video)
Parralox - Blank Image (Music Video) Parralox - Blank Image (Music Video) Parralox - Blank Image (Music Video)
Somebody II      

Song - Somebody II
Producer - John von Ahlen
Engineer - Juan del Toro
Synthesizer - John von Ahlen
Vocals - John von Ahlen
Written by - John von Ahlen
Original appears on - Aeronaut (Album) 2015

Recorded at Subterrane Recording Studio

Additional Information:

A group of friends and artists got together and made this compilation happen. We all feel and share the same love for our fellow beings on this planet and responded as one in our desire to help our brothers and sisters in Nepal after the devastating earthquake April 25th 2015.
released 15 July 2015

An eclectic mix of alternative tracks donated by a wide range of artists, with all monies raised from sales from this download only album going to help rebuild Nepal through our charity agency partners Action Works Nepal and Animal Nepal
MITRA Music for Nepal
Sonic mapping & engineering : Kris Force
Produced by Anni Hogan
Full credits are on the beautiful artwork pdf designed by Abby Helasdottir

An eclectic mix of alternative tracks donated by a wide range of artists, with all monies from the download album going to help rebuild Nepal

Musician Anni Hogan and Everest climber Cathy O'Dowd have formed the MITRA Music for Nepal project to raise money to help with reconstruction in earthquake-devastated Nepal. Anni is creating a compilation download album, with all tracks and production donated and all monies from sales going to Nepal.

Musicians who have opened their hearts to pledge support include:
electronic soul superstar Billie Ray Martin
Simon Fisher Turner ( Epic of Everest composer - Ivor Novello award )
Dave Ball (The Grid / Soft Cell )
Marcella Detroit (Shakespears Sister) (USA)
Sarah Jane Morris
Jarboe (USA)
Kid Congo and the Monkey Birds (USA)
Ashley Slater
David Coulter & Sebastian Rochford
Katie Marne
Bright Light Bright Light
Ginger Light
Joe Cang
Romeo's Daughter
Paul Diello
Cronus Titan (Norway)
Caesar Gergess (Paris)
Nostudio (Greece)
Farmacia (Argentina)
Parralox (Australia)

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