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Marsheaux Remixes - 2009

Marsheaux Remixes (2009)

Limited Edition Promo CDR. Released on November 5th, 2009.

  01   Ola Kala   4:27   Sakis Rouvas   (Marsheaux Remix)    
  02   Oxygono   3:44   Tania Nassibian   (Radio Mix)    
  03   Oxygono   5:53   Tania Nassibian   (Extended Mix)    
  04   Ki An Tora Den Thymase   4:01   Irini Merkouri   (Marsheaux Remix)    
  05   Slow   4:49   Kylie Minogue   (Marsheaux Remix)    
  06   Just Une Fois   5:10   Dimitris Korgialas   (Marsheaux Remix)    
  07   Will I Ever?
ead Vocals Andy Bell
  4:18   In_Vox Feat Andy Bell   (Radio Mix)    
  08   Will I Ever?
Lead Vocals Andy Bell
  6:21   In_Vox Feat Andy Bell   (Extended Mix)    
  09   MP3   4:21   Foivos Delivorias   (Marsheaux Remix)    
  10   Shake It   3:59   Sakis Rouvas   (Marsheaux Remix)    
  11   Gefyra   5:28   Mikro   (Marsheaux Remix)    
  12   Ego S'Agapisa Edo   4:30   Eleni Tsaligopoulou   (Marsheaux Remix)    
  13   Hronia Polla   4:01   Sakis Rouvas   (Marsheaux Remix)    
  14   What You Waiting For   5:00   Gwen Stefani   (Marsheaux Remix)    
  15   Lift Me Up   5:07   Moby   (Marsheaux Remix)    
  16   Broken   4:21   Bertine Zetlitz   (Marsheaux Remix)    
  17   Makria Mou Na Fygeis   4:58   Eleni Tsaligopoulou   (Marsheaux Remix)    
  18   You Are Not Alone   6:30   Capsize   (Marsheaux Remix)    
  19   Pain That I'm Used To   5:00   Depeche Mode   (Marsheaux Remix)    
  20   Frequency   4:42   Rex The Dog   (Marsheaux Remix)    
  21   Ego Pigeno Monos   3:55   Filippos Pliatsikas   (Marsheaux Remix)    
  22   Crash   5:18   Mesh   (Marsheaux Remix)    
  23   Girlfriend   5:06   Tiger Baby   (Marsheaux Remix)    
  24   Angel B   5:16   Film   (Marsheaux Remix)    
  25   Singles   3:23   Closer   (Marsheaux Remix TV Version)    
  26   Singles   3:54   Closer   (Marsheaux Dance Remix Edit)    
  27   We Are Lovers   5:30   Camouflage   (Marsheaux Remix)    
  28   A Dark City's Night   4:29   Portash   (Marsheaux Remix)    
  29   It's Not Over Yet   5:37   Client   (Marsheaux Extended Remix)    
  30   Mirrorball   6:25   Electrobelle   (Marsheaux Remix)    
  31   Smile   3:40   Ashbury Heights   (Marsheaux Remix)    
  32   Perfect Girl   4:06   Ultrasonics, The   (Marsheaux Remix)    
  33   Sharper Than A Knife   4:40   Parralox   (Marsheaux Remix)   122 BPM
  34   Hot & Cold   4:24   Katy Perry   (Marsheaux Remix)    
  35   Medium Pleasure   6:13   Kid Moxie   (Marsheaux Remix)    
  36   Zo   4:37   Dimitra Galani   (Marsheaux Remix)    
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Sharper Than A Knife
Sharper Than a Knife (Lyric Video)
Sharper Than A Knife 
(Wideboys Remix)
Sharper Than A Knife (Andi Durrant & Steve More Remix)
Sharper Than A Knife (2012) Sharper Than A Knife (Lyric Video)
(Pete Hammond Remix)
Sharper Than A Knife
(Wideboys Remix)
Sharper Than A Knife
(Andi Durrant & Steve More Remix)


Producer - John von Ahlen
Engineer - Juan del Toro
Synthesizer - John von Ahlen
Vocals - Roxy
Written by - John von Ahlen

Graphic Design - John von Ahlen

Recorded at Subterrane Recording Studio

Additional Information:

Catalogue #: None
Label: Undo Records

Chart Position (Sharper Than A Knife) - #23 (for 4 weeks) - UK Upfront Club Chart - February 2013
Compact Disc released as Limited Edition on conzoom Records.
Original version released in 2008 with vocals by Roxy, re-released in 2012 with vocals by Amii.


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