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Addicted To House Music - Volume 1

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Addicted To House Music - Volume 1

Digital Download - Released 16th October, 2015. Club Cuts Records.

  1.   I Cant Give Up [Brown Sugar Remix]   5:48   Peter Brown    
  2.   House Music [Jerome Robins Vs Deko-Ze Remix]   6:23   Omar Cito Perez feat. Troy Fernandes    
  3.   Music Is Life [DJ Flight & Andrey Exx Remix]   6:11   Mike La Funk & Corey Andrew feat. Corey Andrew    
  4.   I Believe [DJ Dan Remix]   6:32   Richard Grey feat. Sir Charles    
  5.   Ploid [Damien Gray's a Side Mix]   7:04   Krichee    
  6   Made of Stars [So Called Scumbags Remix]   6:42   U-Lot Sound feat. Jem    
  7   Creep [Ed Kurno Remix]   5:53   Parralox    
  8   Just for One Day [Tenacious Remix]   7:14   Nick Hook    
  9   Superfly [Ed Kurno Remix]   5:51   Aitor Galan & Victor Perez    
  10   My Religion [Oliver Lang & Whelan & Di Scala Remix]   5:10   Sonikross feat. Sara K    
  11   Lost in the Water [Usb Players Remix]   5:42   The Ironix feat. Philip Braun    
  12   El Fluto [Dub Mix]   6:00   Chadash Cort    
  13   Bang the Drum [Original Mix]   4:00   Erick Decks    
  14   Sun Is Shining [Original Mix]   6:22   Dave Floyd feat. The Babysitters    
  15   Dance in Love [Voltolinas Remix]   5:08   Levan Kay    
  16   Stellar [Dumb Dan Remix]   6:34   Hook & Sharp    
  17   Like You [Sebbers Remix]   6:49   Martin Sharp    
  18   Love Zone [Original Mix]   6:37   Marcelo Wallace    
  19   Push It On [Jeremy Bass Remix]   6:13   Vinylsurfer & Chris Montana    
20   Vdka [Original Mix]   4:25   Paul Vinx  


Video Clips  - Click Image To Play
Parralox - Creep (Music Video)
Parralox - Creep (Cosmic Dawn Remix) (Music Video)
Parralox - Blank Image (Music Video) Parralox - Blank Image (Music Video)
Creep Creep (Cosmic Dawn Remix)    


Remix Credits:
Remixer - Ed Kumo
Engineer - Juan del Toro
Synthesizer - John von Ahlen
Vocals - Amii
Written by - Radiohead / Hammond / Hazelwood
Original track appears on - Electricity Limited Edition (2008) and Recovery (2013)

Recorded at Subterrane Recording Studio

Additional Information: Total Duration 02:00:45. Club Cuts Records. Catalogue # CC032


℗ 2024 Subterrane Records
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