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Compact Disc. CRCD PLOX 021.
Released on December 23, 2016. Conzoom Records.

Digital Download. PLOX021.
Released on January 27th, 2017. Subterrane Records.
Released on February 3rd, 2017. Energise Records.

 Parralox - Subculture


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 Parralox - Subculture (CD Inlay Rear)



  01 Paradise Paradise   Vocals by Marcella Detroit
Backing vocals by Lillia
  3:41   111.550 BPM  
  02 Electric Nights Electric Nights   Vocals by Johanna Gervin and John.
Backing vocals by Roxy, Johnny X and Louise Love.
Remixed by Pete Hammond
  4:27   130 BPM  
  03 Key To The Door Of Heaven Key To The Door Of Heaven   Vocals by Louise Love
Backing vocals by Louise and John
  4:01   128 BPM  
  04 Gimme Back My Loving Gimme Back My Lovin   Vocals by Lillia Mendoza
Backing vocals by John
  4:04   120 BPM  
  05 Change Of Heart Change Of Heart   Vocals by John
Backing vocals by Peter Wilson
  3:39   128 BPM  
  06 A Question Of Love A Question Of Love   Vocals by Louise Love and John   4:17   000 BPM  
  07 Parralox Jupiter   Vocals by Louise Love   5:04   91.100 BPM  


  08 Pressure Point Pressure Point   Vocals by Louise Love   4:02   116 BPM  
  09 Overdrive Overdrive feat Ian Burden   Bass Guitar by Ian Burden (The Human League).
Backing vocals by Louise Love.
Vocals by John

  3:52   128 BPM  
  10 Last Year At Marienbad Last Year At Marienbad   Vocals by Louise Love and John.   4:20   118 BPM  
  11 Last Man Standing Last Man Standing   Vocals by Peter Wilson
Backing vocals by John
  4:26   120 BPM  
  12 Jupiter Voyager II   Vocals by Louise Love   4:24   120 BPM  
  13 Jupiter Rocket Science II   Vocals by John
Backing vocals by Louise Love
  4:31   128 BPM  
  14 Parralox 86G   Vocals by A7-H   6:30   123 BPM  




Side A (Red)
01 Paradise feat Marcella Detroit
02 Electric Nights feat Johanna
03 Key To The Door Of Heaven feat Louise Love
04 Gimme Back My Lovin feat Lillia Mendoza
05 Change Of Heart feat John von Ahlen
06 A Question Of Love feat Louise Love
07 Jupiter feat Louise Love

Side B (Blue)
08 Pressure Point feat Louise Love
09 Overdrive feat Ian Burden
10 Last Year At Marienbad feat Louise Love
11 Last Man Standing feat Peter Wilson
12 Voyager II feat Louise Love
13 Rocket Science II feat John von Ahlen
14 86G feat A7-H

Producer - John von Ahlen
Engineer - Juan del Toro
Synthesizer - John von Ahlen
Bass Guitar - Ian Burden
Trumpet - Louis Garcia
Guitar - Phil Ceberano

Vocals - Marcella Detroit, Johanna Gervin, Louise Love, Lillia Mendoza, Peter Wilson, A7-H & John.
Backing Vocals - Roxy, Johnny X, Louise Love, Lillia, Peter Wilson & John.

Buchla Modular Synthesiser
courtesy of MESS (Melbourne Electronic Sound Studio).
Special thanks to Ross Healy for programming assistance.

Recorded at Subterrane Recording Studio, Melbourne, Australia.

Graphic Design - John von Ahlen

Photography (UK)
Photographer - Nik Pate
Hair & Makeup - Stephanie Louise

Photography (Australia)
Photographer - John von Ahlen
Assistant - Rodney Dekker
Makeup - Chloe Mackenzie
Location - Blue Tree Studio, Port Melbourne

Additional Information:
The 10th Parralox album, released in December 2016 on conzoom Records (Germany), and Subterrane Records (AUS) and Energise Records (UK) on January 27th, 2017.



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