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Parralox - Reproduction (2017)

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Parralox - Reproduction

Subterrane Records. PLOX 024
Digital Download - Released December 29, 2017

01   Almost Medieval   (Marsh, Oakey, Ware)   5.16   94 BPM
02   Circus Of Death   (Marsh, Oakey, Ware)   4.46   79 BPM
03   The Path Of Least Resistance   (Marsh, Oakey, Ware)   4.17    
04   Blind Youth   (Marsh, Oakey, Ware)   3.39   141.85 BPM
05   The Word Before Last   (Marsh, Oakey, Ware)   4.01    
06   Empire State Human   (Marsh, Oakey, Ware)   5.18    
07   Morale / You've Lost That Loving Feeling   (Marsh, Oakey, Ware, Spector, Mann, Weil)   10.32    
08   Austerity / Girl One   (Marsh, Oakey, Ware)   6.46    
09   Zero As A Limit   (Marsh, Oakey, Ware)   4.08   107 BPM
10   Being Boiled   (Marsh, Oakey, Ware)   4.26   100 BPM


Producer - John von Ahlen
Engineer - Juan del Toro
Synthesizer - John von Ahlen

Vocals - John.
Backing vocals - Louise Love.
Written by - John von Ahlen.

Buchla Modular Synthesiser
courtesy of MESS (Melbourne Electronic Sound Studio).
Special thanks to Ross Healy for programming assistance.

Recorded at Subterrane Recording Studio, Melbourne, Australia

Graphic Design - John von Ahlen

Additional Information:
Parralox have waved their synthetic wand over the classic album "Reproduction" - The Human League's debut album. First released in 1979, it didn't take the world by storm, but has since been recognised as pioneering electro pop.

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