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Now that our mini tour of Europe is over, we would like to thank all our fans for their support. It's been an amazing experience getting to know you all in person and up close.
It was gratifying to be so well received in every country we played in. Stay tuned for more live photos as they are constantly being uploaded by us and our fans.
Yesterday we had interviews with The Electricity Club and Electroqueer - and they will go live in a few weeks. Be sure to check out both sites for updates.
We are having a break for a week or so, and then go back to Australia for some live shows in Sydney, before returning to the studio in Melbourne to complete our 3rd album.

We will then commence work on video clips for Creep and our next single Supermagic. We will be back in Europe in August/September when we perform at Infest (UK) and more shows in Europe (TBA).

Thank you,

Amii + John

ps - While we were in Sweden we discovered an amazing song called Miami by Monostrip. OMG you HAVE to check it out.
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Parralox @ Electroqueer (London)

Wow - can we just say a BIG thanks to Raj Rudolph, Chi, DJ Adam, Dear Martin, Bim and everyone who came to see us play live at Electroqueer tonight in London. Not a full house, but certainly the most enthusiastic crowd we've ever played to. Totally.

Thanks for cheering at the end of each song - and then demanding THREE encores! We walked away feeling like superstars.

A big thanks to all our fans who travelled far and wide to attend. It was a pleasure to meet you all in person and chat. We know some of you drove for many hours just to see us perform, and we humbly appreciate it. Especially one guy who forged a sick certificate so he could get the day off work (we won't say your name - in case your boss is a Parralox fan too LOL) We could go on to list all the names of the people we'd like to thank, but you know who you are. We managed to speak to most of you tonight.

Stay tuned for a flood of photos...

We love you London.
xxx Amii + John
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Article on Parralox - Isn't It Strange (CD) on Art Noir Webzine (Sweden)

Parralox is in the middle of our European tour, but we have a few days downtime before our final show.
So with time on our hands (and access to the internet!) we present you with another German review of Isn't It Strange.

Thanks to JHG Shark at Art Noir

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Article on Parralox - Isn't It Strange (CD) on Black Vector Webzine (Sweden)

 A review of Isn't It Strange on Swedish webzine - Black Vector - excellent :)
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Parralox European Tour Update - May 16

It's been a few days since our last update, but it feels like a lifetime ago.
The Parralox shows in Berlin and Dresden were fantastic, and the crowd were so supportive! In Dresden last night we played 3 Encores, it was a really amazing experience.

For the last song (since we ran out of tracks, and hadn't planned on playing 3 (!) encores) we got the drummer from Versus on stage with us to do a completely unplugged version of Isn't It Strange. We also debuted a new track (Supermagic) and played that again in the encore.

Extra special thanks to Niels & Ange Piesker, Sarah Endres, Ingo Moller, Matzi, Splani, Nancy, Doreen, Empire in Dust, Ostrich, Versus, Endless Shame & Pleasant Fiction and the many others we forgot to mention. The after show party at Dresden with all the bands was nearly as much fun as the show itself. You guys all totally rock!

Today we arrived in Gothenburg and are now spending some time with Sebastian Hess (Wonderland Records). We are just doing some last minute rehearsals for our show tonight with Universal Poplap at Pustervik in Gothenburg. Can't wait to play with Universal Poplab..

Next live shows..
May 16 - Pustervik (Gothenburg, Sweden) - Universal Poplab & Parralox
May 20 - Bar Music Hall (London, UK) - Electroqueer with Bim, Dear Martin & Parralox
Aug 27 - Infest 2010 (Bradford, UK)

Thanks, John.

ps - live pics from all the shows will be posted shortly.
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Parralox - New Releases

Parralox - Paradise feat Marcella Detroit (Banner)

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