Parralox - Lyrics


Parralox - Paradise feat Marcella Detroit



Written by Lillia Auzou & John von Ahlen

It's gonna be like Paradise x2

Verse 1

We were standing at a cross road
I felt so torn apart
I was standing alone in the rain
And you were just another lonely heart

Pre Chorus
We are crossing over the rivers of life
You think the other side, would be like paradise
But we are still two very lonely hearts
Living on the other side of a bridge over water


The time has come to let you go
Let you go
The time has come to let you go
Let you go

Verse 2

We were drifters in the dark, searching for love
Drawn to each other by the need of another
We walked into the unknown together

Repeat Pre Chorus
Repeat Chorus

Middle 8
I'm gonna let you go (x8)

Pre Chorus 2

The time has come to let you go, to let you go (x4)

Title Paradise
Songwriter   Lillia Auzou & John von Ahlen
Vocalist   Marcella Detroit
Backing vocals
  Lillia Auzou & John von Ahlen
Production #   094
Engineer   Juan del Toro
Producer   John Von Ahlen
Dedicated to   Francis Bacon
Studio   Subterrane Recording Studio
Software   Cubase 8
Instruments   UVI Darklight II, Emulator II, Linn Drum, Poly 61, SH-101, Pro One
Time   03:37
BPM   111.550
Copyright   Subterrane Records 2018
Appears on   Parralox - Subculture (Album)

Additional Info:
Written by John von Ahlen and Lillia Auzou in 1996 while in the band Nova, signed to Sirius Music / Sony Music Australia in 1993. This song would have been the 3rd single for Nova but the band disbanded after the release of Magic in 1995. I always wanted to release this song, so I'm so glad we finally got the chance for the public to hear it.



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Nova were
Lillia Auzou - Vocals
John von Ahlen - Vocals & Synthesizers

(Sony Music Australia / Dancepool / Sirius Records / Shock Records)

Nova (John von Ahlen and Lillia Auzou)


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